Smok comments RPM 2 POD Kit

Was an agreement to purchase cheap Smok kit RPM 2. integrated battery 2000mAh, power 80 W, Variable mode watts unprecedented juice 7 ml capacity, fast startup, and USB-C recharging coil mesh 2 option can be used to MTL DTL or spraying. Monodosis prism system is sold in gold, red, blue prism, Black Bright rainbow prism and the prism Far from varnish.


Pallas Mechanic Resin

Overview RPM 2
As the successor and Smok Smok RPM80 RPM40, Smok RPM 2 has a very similar appearance, but easier to carry, and has a higher start button and up / down buttons. In addition, the entire device is easier to use, and the size is suitable for hand or pocket. 2 RPM kit includes each module and filling the ink cartridge with replaceable coil. Available colors are prism, rainbow, bright Black, Blue Prism prism Laval.

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Augvape vape

In addition, Smok RPM 2 Uses powerful 2000mAh internal battery to provide more time to vape, vaping allowing all day without recharging is necessary. Moreover, the load port type C on the side of the second RPM adopts a secure and stable connection for the safe processing and fast loading. USB Interface Type C is the selection of the latest and most convenient because you can connect or down, and outstanding efficiency up to 100%. Integrated Protection lithium / ion can also prevent overloading, high current and short circuits, providing completely secure vaporizer experience. The best part is that RPM 2 transmission charge carriers, which means you can continue to evaporate when connected Pod Kit.


In Smok RPM control panel 2 you can see the big screen of 1.14 inches, and can use a / down navigation keys Ergonomic up. The menu is a vaporizer indicator data such as the current battery level, the current power, the output voltage, current resistance atomizer, a puff pastry and number. In addition, you can press +/- buttons simultaneously for more detailed information on the battery, as the balance of the withdrawal before recharging. Note that the rest of the suction volume is calculated based on the current configuration of power and within the limitations of the pods of the coils.

smok vape atomizer

Smok RPM 2 cloves and rollers
A perfect complement to the Mod is a pod with a powerful magnet to ensure that no matter how stirring RPM 2, do not move or sound. With e-liquid 7ml unprecedented capacity, each cartridge may contain 30% more than previous containers RPM, reducing the load on each day. In addition, each door RPM cigarette 2 is ergonomic and has a large oval aperture of 9.5 mm x 5.6 mm, with an air flow increasingly larger blowing. Liquid storage tanks are also translucent, which can be seen best current level e-liquid internal. To introduce other liquids in the case, remove the rubber plug on the side and your favorite vaporizer juice is poured into the port of appropriate size. After loading, it is important to wait 2 to 3 minutes to ensure that the coil is completely saturated cotton.

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Smok RPM 2 has two new options coils are in the lung or mouth into the lungs of experience vape directly. DTL nozzle is 2 Mesh 0.16ohm RPM, which can generate a vapor thickness, has excellent flavor, and can run between 25 and 50 watts. optimal setting for this coil is 40 watts. Otherwise, you would like RPM mesh MTL 0.4ohm coil, which produces a mild throat and satisfy the taste. You can use this large coil e-liquid nicotine with a power of 25 watts.

Smok RPM 2 features and specifications
An important aspect widely Smok RPM 2 Pod system is that it can be released in the power range of 1 to 80 watts and respond to press the start button in 0.001 seconds, which is almost instantaneous. RPM 2 measures 28.5mm x 108.5mm x 31 mm and weighs only 132 grams. In addition, the charging system is working with a load current of 1.4 amps. For detailed specifications, please see the infographic below.

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In the frame
A buying Smok RPM 2, will receive the RPM 2 pre-installed coil mesh 0.16ohm equipment pod, pod pre-installed with 0.4ohm coil C and manual cable type. Note that, in accordance with the regulations, the RPM version 2 of the EU to send a container 2 ml instead of 8 ml.

RPM80 Pro

Learn more below:

Smok RPM 2 Pod Kit

E-liquids GUIDE – Freebase Garam VS Nikotin Accessory

E-liquid (also called vape juice, eJuices, liquid nicotine) usually contains only the following four ingredients: vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavors and nicotine.

EJuice type of nicotine play an important role in the Pallas Mechanical resin type device used. The type of equipment selected also affects the distribution of nicotine in the body.smok vape

I Freebase E-liquid? spraying Augvape

Most of the nicotine free base is extracted directly from plants snuff and nicotine extracted plant pure without other impurities or byproducts. nicotine free form can cause an imbalance of alkalinity, and as an increasing concentration of nicotine, the slot also affected. You can feel when the content of free nicotine is greater, 3 mg subtle drop shot and tolerable throat, while 6 mg increasingly difficult even to 12 mg. Manufacturers E-liquids tend to remain in the range of 0 to 6 mg, and seldom remain in the range of 12 mg or 18 mg of free eJuice extreme rigor and basic demographic characteristics of small (usually level). 0 mg e-liquid containing nicotine VG / PG pure agent.Pallas and flavoring resin Mechanic

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What the nicotine salt?

nicotine salt or nicotine salt is a slight modification of nicotine free base. The addition of benzoic acid to help balance the alkalinity of nicotine free base. Usually, this results in a much less severe, and despite the higher concentrations of nicotine, offering an experience atomizer spray Smok smooth. Dose of nicotine salts typically 20 mg to 59 mg. This is due to the composition of the nicotine salt and benzoic acid. A spray devices VAPE low power (such as the sheath system),  Augvape vape the slot decreases.LOST wound adjust VAPE

Now that you know what each type of nicotine, the characteristics and quality, we can find the right equipment for each type of nicotine.LOST VAPE

Ohmic or salt as sub-salt ohmic nicotine?

nicotine salts are typically used with lower power consumption and smaller equipment, but there are some exceptions. Some manufacturers of nicotine salt e-liquid to copy the formula ohms, called e-liquid is the “salt of the sub-ohmic.” It can be sure that it is possible to use a higher power devices with “nicotine salt sub-ohm” Mod kit or box that is expressed normally applicable 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine. The reason for the adoption of the salt form of nicotine stinging throat of a forum based on the conventional free is reduced, producing another throat and generally milder than 3 mg or 6 mg ordinary.

free and sub-ohm-liquid devices E

Freebase E-liquid is adapted to the sub-ohm or more atomizers equipment coupled to a box model, such as water tanks and SRP. Due to low concentrations of nicotine nicotine free base, it is best to use the sub-ohms equipment. The coils are larger, higher power and lower pressure than the sub-ohmic device allows evaporated free nicotine in the juice, thereby releasing small quantities so large amounts of water vapor. For users who enjoy acting and production of many clouds, it is the best choice. Despite the large amount of steam produced, nicotine concentration LOST VAPE is still very low. They can be loaded in the system Freebase eJuice Pod for more freedom, but many systems are not optimized for the Tuxedo tanks free base Pod eJuice, due to the lower resistance to nicotine free base may not evaporate completely the same capacity equipment sub-ohms.

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nicotine salt and the sheath system

In addition, nicotine salts are useful for the armor system. The use of a less resistance smaller coil and output a higher power for a discrete steam cloud, thereby providing a better effect of nicotine salt. The inclusion of benzoic acid to help smooth delivery of nicotine salts and alkalinity balance to reduce the feeling of the throat. Not install the nicotine salt with high resistance to nicotine in its sub-ohms, due

Malla history and vaping

Mesh material is not exactly new to vaping industry. Initially introduced as a wicking material prior to the popularity of the cylinder laminated cotton network used to send e-liquid to the heating element of the storage container. More recently, however, the power supply in the vaping community awakening was found to be one of the main circuit. simply press the metal coil mesh disarm socket. But with the latest innovations we have a network of coils see big clouds of steam for the wider region and the lower resistor networks can provide. Turning to the electrical coil in the world can show a benefit with little or no work, so you can pick up used and what wecan do for you a coil deep in the net.

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Features network coil

If built in the configuration of the plurality of drilling holes or woven wire coil electricity lost due to the various advantages of the best taste for low power consumption is higher. There are pros bog that comes with using nets, but not without drawbacks. Here are some factors that prebuilt using mesh coil will be affected:


rapid heating and taste better

coil power structure has a lower resistance, may now flow easily between the positive and negative terminals. This leads to a uniform and rapid heating heating nice mesh, to conserve battery power. This in turn provides greater surface area for evaporation occurs, which leads to a more dense with a variety of flavors vaping output, as more e-liquid evaporates traditional creature next round coil wire. Because heating and evaporation occurs at low power levels, the steam produced at lower temperatures, resulting in cooler temperatures and satisfying experience vape vape.

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Because the coil power more often, they are also cheaper, through the use of low power allows the resistance to decrease. This saves battery power and power. However evaporated with increasing heating and evaporation, electric coils and liquid me at every stroke, so thinning faster than their favorite flavor. That’s the negative side is to share the taste of your favorite eJuice overlooked and that you are in love with something..LOST VAPE


One thing that users suffer network availability spool coil is clean Precast. Unlike conventional round wire coil, coil mesh can not be built only on the traditional coil building materials. This means that if the mesh coil is currently not in stock, you need to look for other sources of the coil or to wait for charging. fast to handle various types of wire turns always been a source of traditional voice coil wire round the benefits of being the location. This means that even if the configuration of the cable to the end of a preferred coil, can still be done with traditional wire.


installation Augvape vape

electric coil that is easy to install and replace, unlike the conventional circular coil of wire. With many different constructions of the RDA or RTA, electric coils have the same installation. Usually both ends of the deck to the type of fastening system attached build strength coil loaded against Cotton juice. No need for an envelope, inside diameter fine size or access point so that the network coil for beginners easy to install. You only need to correct spherical shape with full contact against the juice turn loaded cotton dense cloud of steam to pump taste.


We hope that this guide has become familiar with the benefits of pre-compiled mesh coils are offered by various brands such as Wotofo vape leader, Vandy evaporator and Smok. Find us Beginner’s Guide to be repaired at our website to see, the heating element can be realized as new, providing a good alternative to the traditional round wire coil. Please share your experience with a net reel in the comments if you’ve done Swi

What the RBA (RTA and RDA) vaping

What is the Reserve Bank of Australia?
advanced vapers usually bored with the standard vaporizer pre-made and want to take the risk of building your own vaporizer. The Rebuildable atomizer (RBA) is a sophisticated device with a covering. Users can create and install their own rolls and shafts or “component” to the deck. RBA The term may refer to a removable cover to the tank vaporizer storage, or may refer to one of atomizers with a housing constructed, divided into four categories: sprinkler by renewable drip, irrigation drip renewable spray tank renewable and the cause atomization device.smok vape

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RBA head is used in conjunction with storage and sub-coils demagnetizers ohms to replace the artificial head and allows the electronic cigarette factory to control its own products. is removed and replaced as head coil usual, but must be used with the fuel tank specific, because most of the fuel tank has no RBA head. storage tank with the head of the RBA is the ideal entry point for the custom construction and allows vapers to improve their building experience. Two main types of RBA is repairable atomizers drip irrigation or RDA, tank atomizers and repairable or RTA.

RDA and vaping RTA
RDA spray atomizer requires to add instantly e-liquid artificially added directly to the spindle and the shaft, rather than supplied through the fuel tank as standard commercial equipment. RDA has a well containing e-liquid in the bottom of the platform for building, and the propeller shaft is positioned in the well to absorb liquids. From this hole does not hold much as a standard water tank, you have to charge more frequently to prevent drying and burning fuse. Because operability user RDA and the need to increase the volume of filler, the RDA is less comfortable than most of the storage tanks, unless used with mod Squonk, allowing e-liquid it is fed through a small window in the mod.

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vaping RTA technique includes reconfigurable storage tank type, but has always insisted on using a construction system specific to creating a new system of construction. RTA is under the cover or in the center of the tank, and chimney systems and the hood extends to the dropper. This system of the chimney and the hood is the main feature of the construction of RTA that makes it unique. bell jar and wrap around deck surrounded and isolated from the juice, creating a vacuum in the fuel tank supplying the shaft. This will result in more efficient absorption system, especially suitable for further atomisation energy, and chimney produce a concentrated vapor flow, increasing the atomizing odor.

What The Vape Use And How Fast Drying Avoid Sudden

She held him for the first time, what was your system shocked. You suddenly get a nasty issue immediately on the tongue and a burning smell. His eyes begin to get water, coughing, and reach the drink. Congratulations does not work! -You must fight. Do not worry, it happens to almost all of us!

Click your empty, your machine is a drawback. If you make a call vape, there are two things:

Wick burn coil and cotton are in poor health.

Pallas Mechanic Resin

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it overheated electronic juice exploded in separate components that can cause illness if inhaled.

What are the popular ads?
When soaked in the juice based, electronic coil or spool is filled with black, and there are also dull. Thus, the coil causes the crisp cotton, burning in an unpleasant taste, and touch or. Over time, the noise really damage your e-cigarette device.

If you find a lot of dry, are also coils can be and / or not enough juice boxes. Fortunately, this situation is to be avoided, is easy if not foolproof: the juice to fill the tank of water, and do not forget, when to replace the multiple water to fill it.


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What are the causes of successful speculation
Although the most common reasons dry and dry storage, there are other reasons to be aware of.

broken Reel
If you just bought a new role and make sure the primer is correct, the coil may become obsolete. It sucks, but it’s rare, but appear. In this case, the best option is to start and be replaced by new ones.

electric high power electronic cigarette
to produce huge clouds with excellent spray ability, but it can also increase your chances of a dry spray. Try low power coils and a power range vaping to complete specific uses.

Augvape vape

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Slow your success
If you use a chain e-cigarette, try a longer period to be used for not quickly burn the coil with juice. Between 30 seconds and the suction coil and 1 minute must be sufficient to cool the mold.

In other juice
VG juice has a higher viscosity than most PG juice, so if you Subohm tanks are not used with larger holes, try to facilitate change of PG highest juice to penetrate the cotton.

smok vape

Dry roast is not fun, but it has almost no taste. Although you can not always avoid to prevent their chances, you can seriously suffer the terrible blow to the reduction of drought, and by these means your chances of getting a better e-cigarette experience to increase.

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SMOK Transformed to 219W TC TF Kit Box

Transformed into 219W only saw its modern style, replaced by the very popular Ministry of Defense for foreigners, this is a wonderful smok vaporizer service. With the touch screen and new user interface and some interesting features (such as buttons on the touch screen locks), all views processing have changed. In the kit, you can it’s hard to pair with the new TF 6 ml reservoir TF coil tank has three heads see you two in the kit networks with only 0.25mΩTF BF head coil. There is no problem with SMOK devices and have durability and quality of care improved, let’s take a look at their latest high-power package!

Pallas Mechanic Resin


Deform a Ge
TF reservoir (6.0 ml) (2ml TPD) 1
TF BF 0.25 ohm coil assembly (preinstalled) 1
The additional TF BF mesh coil only 0.25mΩ1
Protect the quartz glass ball
Replacing a glass
USB data cable
1pc User

Augvape vape

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Aesthetics and ergonomics

The kit is modified to provide shown to the color standard cardboard box positive film kit on the image. Version black and blue prism, black is the focus of the surround sound is blue prism the main color of the device. Choice of colors “black and color 7”, “black and blue prism”, “black and chrome prism”, “black gold” and “dark”, all the equipment TF tank, color and shade equipment game or meeting will be equipped
As an exotic device, the appearance of the front and the back is the same type and extends to the side. The front has a large color touch screen, the Micro-USB port to bottom, the back is a design of a color chart, which dominates the selected color, printed while in the middle “summit”. See sees the bottom of the black decoration that the focus on the other side of the tip is locked and the fire extension pole is vertical.
The basic equipment is the battery door, black door form and safety catch and finally golden on top of the plate 510, the spring means 510. And foreign equipment is very similar in appearance, straighter than the curved shape, but they feel comfortable and you can just shoot.


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TF tank

There are classified, while the incidence of Smok is retained too many differences in TF tank as the latest baby TFV8 tank V2. The containers are separated because they are in the report. There is a locking mechanism on the top of the tank. At the end of the tank, including the popular Prince, including the seal, which had been postponed from the lower cover up the fuel is longer, until now, it is good. The tank bottom is becomes much larger, recycled as the underside of the baby TFV8 V2 to form a double loop coil, instead of three streams having a plurality of coils, which makes the significant turbulence. prefilled ml standard in 2 ml glass vial option and linear glass water tank 6 single glass tube TPD can be produced. Press-fit spool to replace quickly and easily to the coil.


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Smok RPM80 & RPM80 PRO Alternate Changes Between New And Old Versions

The SMOK RPM 80 is a new, larger and more powerful version of the famous RPM 40. Compared to 40 RPM, the output is even greater. Can be set from 1 to 80 W. Two different versions of energy can even be made (80 RPM and 80 RPM PRO), RPM 80 uses an integrated battery 3,000Mah while RPM80 PRO version can accommodate a replaceable battery 18650 ( not included in the kit), the other functions of the kit (managed by the IQ-80 chip) are actually the same as.

Augvape vape

The new RPM 80/Pro was born with the ambition to become “Total Pod”, we will see why in future reviews (a real game changer)…

Link to the official page: RPM80 and RPM80 PRO

Both use pods quite similar packaging with product images, certain features, colors and internal batteries (up) or 3.000mah 18650 PRO version of the power supply of the type shown on the front.

That appears on the back: the content, several warnings, one And unavoidable logos and for source


Content of the package: (in brackets in the PRO version)

1-Smok 80 teams RPM (RPM 80 PRO)
1-Pod RPM coil 25W best 0.4ΩRPM
1-Pod RGC conical coil / system 0.17Ω 80W range 40-
1 USB Cable
1- Manual

Specifications: (in brackets in the PRO version data)

Size: 109x26x31.5mm (size: 118 × 26×31.5mm)
Output: 1-80W.
Battery: Built in 3000 mAh (excluding 1 x 18650)
Screen: 0.96 inch color
E-capacity liquid: standard 5 ml / 2 ml TPD
Compatible resistor range: All RPM / RGC
resistance range supported: 0.15-3ΩUSB
Type C 1.2A load current (1.3A USB C type of current load)
* RPM RBA available separately
* RGC RBA will be available soon


The back of the RPM is very clean, showing only one of the two air flows, while the front is the other airflow, which is a color screen of 0.96 inches, making USB charging, button fire alarm (above) and upper and lower control buttons (below). Mods side also shows the instructions on the model and the word Smok. We can see the casing of the battery case obtained directly from the battery, which has two contact pins gold plated and two powerful magnets and huge raised, and can also glimpse two opposite airflows.check it out

Smok RPM80 Pro Pod System VW Starter Kit 80W 5ml Components

80 RPM PRO shows the sliding door at the bottom or the bottom (as preferred), we insert opening allows 18650, and 80 RPM, the chipset are shown with a capacity of 3.000Mah, and finally you you can see that the integrated battery has ventilation holes. Both the basic version and the version PRO have (as preferred) two different bullets or pods in the kit to accommodate different coils and RBA, the new called RGC bullet head has a ring for air control (finally).Reading More

SMOK MORPH219 Set, Give You A Different Smoke Experience

    Small cigarette heat recently, and there are small cigarettes everywhere, you’re tired of watching? Today I will give you a different taste, let us recollect the big smoke equipment-SMOK MORPH219.
    1. Appearance
  The metal part of the fuselage must be made of a zinc alloy, weighing about 147.7 grams, which is relatively low in the host electric double. Power range 1-219W, supporting 0.1-2.5 ohms resistor. The front of the main unit is a 1.9-inch touch screen. Most settings are done by touch. The above is a LOGO SMOK money. The USB interface is installed at the bottom of the screen. Decorative metallic strips resembling lines with four parallel sides make contact with a black balance agility. The black and red complement each other and make the characteristics of both sides stronger, which is very subtle and beautiful.

Pallas Mechanic Resin
     There are two plastic handles isolated inside the battery compartment, which can effectively prevent the short circuit caused by the broken skin of the battery, and the inside is very smooth without smudging and will never scratch drums. The positive and negative signs on top of the battery compartment are not only large but also distinguished by different colors, showing the style of a large plant in the details. Due to the low tolerance of the tube diameter design and battery, the battery can not be installed without problem if a battery in two layers. In addition, there is a small difference between the height of the compartment and the battery height, so you always need a bit of effort when closing the battery compartment.Jewel tank

Augvape vape
    2. Atomizer
    The suit is equipped with a TF atomizer with a height of 56 mm and a diameter of 30 mm. It has an oil storage capacity of 6 ml under the blessing of the grease trap. The overall color is the same as the main unit, with black as the main tone and red as decoration. After disassembly, it can be divided into 5 parts, the drip nozzle, integrated hood top, glass tray, atomizing core and base. The structure does not seem special, but in fact there some differences.Smok Nord 2
  The lower portion of the upper lid is integrated wherein atomizing the core is installed and can be sealed by the rubber rings on the upper and lower part of the atomizing core. Since the diameter is much larger than that of the atomizing core, there is no need for oil holes and smoke atomization core. The oil penetrate inside the large oil guide hole and then be absorbed by the cotton in the atomizing core. The thickness of the two glass B is about 1 mm, very smooth, burr-free, and very closely linked to the upper cover and the base. There are many air intake holes on both sides of the base. The larger air intake can make the resistance lower intake, and of course, it will also bring a large amount of smoke. The triangular distribution bars gold plated inside the base can effectively conduct the electricity, but also can support stablythe atomizing core. Since the structural seal this time is mainly borne by the atomizing core, there is no apron on the base.RPM80 Pro

    3: Summary
A smoker and deliberate work, first-class craftsmanship and advanced technology provide a simple and tasteful operation, which makes the SMOKMORPH 219 suit a Q-ULTRA Pod more comfortable and safer experience for users, plus a 0.001 second time Extremely fast ignition is a refreshing steam enjoyment. The above is the relevant information of the SMOK MORPH219 set. For more e-cigarette information, please click: smok vaporizers

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The ultimate enjoyment of taste buds:Smok MAG P3 TC Mod

Smok MAG P3 TC Mod Kit with TFV16 Tank 230W 9mlsmok vaporizers
Smok MAG P3 TC mod kit shows up with a gun-handle appearance, perfectly coincident with your bold manliness and passion for the distinctive shape. Integrated with the advanced IQ-M chipset, it performs well in improving the firing speed to 0.001s and escorting you a stable device while vaping. You are required to match 2 18650 batteries with MAG P3 TC mod to bring several working modes into effect. What’s more, as smart as a mobile phone, the 1.9inch HD display allows touch operation and reflects the result on the screen, such as the selected mode, puffs, battery life, real-time operating data, etc. Plus the large 9ml Smok TFV16 tank, with developed airflow system on the bottom, it is inevitable that you would capture an immersive vaping experience with flexible effects of flavor and vapor.Pallas Mechanic Resin

Quick Links:
Smok Nord 2
RPM80 Pro
Jewel tank

Main Features:
1. Require 2 external 18650 batteries to release max 230W output
2. Numerous protections, guarantee the stable and smooth vaping
3. Driven by a smart IQ-M chipset, succeed in reducing the firing speed to 0.001s
4. Workable with several modes, secure a specific one to adapt to your preference
5. 1.9inch HD screen, support operating in a touching way
6. IP67 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, tolerant with the bad environment
7. 9ml tank with a top filling system, farewell to worry about the lack of thuwikc
8. Adjustable bottom airflow system with large slots, available for a personalized vaping experienceAugvape

Brand: Smok
Model: MAG P3


MAG P3 TC Box Mod
Battery: 2 x 18650 battery ( Not included )
Chipset: IQ-M chipset
Standby Current: < 400uA
Power Range: 1 – 230W ( VW ) / 10 – 230W ( TC )
Input Voltage: 6.4 – 8.4V
Output Voltage: 0.5 – 8.2V
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Current: 1.8A
Firing Speed: 0.001s
Tempurature Range: 200 – 600 ¡ãH / 100 – 315
Screen: 1.9inch HD Touch Screen
Resistance Range: 0.1 – 2.5ohm ( VW mode ) / 0.05 – 2ohm ( TC mode )

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Lost-vape Orion Q-examination value


1. Introduction to LOSTVAPE ORION Q
LostVape Orion published DNA GO in 2018. Although it is a small smoke machine, it is still equipped with the chip “DNA CHIP GO” produced by EVOLV the US for small smoke. Almost all brand products have DNA LostVape, and of course, Xiaoyan are not included.

Lost Vape Orion Quest Vape Pod System Functions
The body design does not differ much from Orion GO DNA. The difference is that the internal chip goes from DNA to a self-developed chip, that is, it does not have the DNA GO chipset installed. As the chip previous DNA, DNA GO can connect to a PC and use the software “Escribe”to set up the device to perform various functions, so it is very inconvenient for users who do not need these functions. The appearance is the same, and of course the size is the same. Very compact, easy to hold with one hand. If you look at one picture, you might think that the body is a little big, because the host has integrated 950 mAh capacity high! The weight we measured is actually 84.6g, which is very light as a small smoke machine, but it also has a sense of heaviness. You probably think this is a good thing, texture and weight of holding it will definitely exceed your expectations.Lost Vape Orion Quest Vape Pod System ParameterIn comparison with DNA Orion GO, Orion Q is only equipped with the appearance of signs of carbon fibers. The colors are silver, black, blue and gold.
2. ORION Q and packaging specifications
1. Product specifications
Dimensions: 93 × 37 × H W D 13.5 mm
Weight: 68.6g (cigarette bomb: 16.0g, 84.6g total)
Output Mode bypass mode
Smoke oil capacity 2.0ml
Method oil filler: oil filling on top of the cartridge
Air inlet: high adjustable air intake
Atomize core: built-in 1.6Ω
Load Interface: microUSB
Battery: 950mAh
Protection function: multiple protection functions
Three ORION Q detailed examination of the image
The emergence of the mainframe Orion Q has the same sense of quality. Panels carbon fiber (non-real carbon fiber, high quality seal) and metalframes look great. The “ORION Q” and “LOST VAPE” logos on the Body fuselage are gold. Both signs are symmetrical to each other, the texture is very good, and the details are excellent. The frame part has four colors, the side is the lock button of the ball, the ignition knob and microUSB charging interface. In the DNA version, here a key, and the charging interface in the bottom corner has a decorative cover. ORION Q is simplified here because of the chip.
Because the computer can not be connected, the microUSB interface is solely responsible for the charging function. The indicator is also above as power indicator. On the version of the DNA, the indicator has 5 segments, which is more detailed than 3 segments. But the display 3 segments is also very simple and clear. In consideration of safety, pressure relief vent isprovided at the bottom of the main unit.Lost Vape Orion Quest Vape Pod System Filling ijk
Fourth, the details of the party to the smoke bomb
Although it is also a smoke bomb, it is a fixed locking structure, not a common magnetic type. You can flip the switch down and out the bomb together. Conversely, if you want to install a cartridge, clamp the clip on one side of the cartridge and press the cartridge from the other side until it clicks. The cartridge is installed. The size of the cartridge is a littlelarge, but the tank is still a standard 2ml. The material of the smoke bomb is food grade PC-110 (polycarbonate). The atomizing core is built into the cartridge. Because it is a one-time design, you cannot replace the atomizing core. The built-in cigarette bomb is Kanter 1.0Ω heating wire.