Questions and Answers Regarding the Smok GX 350 Wireless Modular Grill

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The Smok GX 350 is hands down one of the best mid-priced vaporizers available. Is it a top-tier product with exceptional value for your dollar? The SMOK GX 350 is a powerful unit that performs well and costs less than its counterparts. In this review we will look at what separates the GX 350 from its competition.

Is it a vaporizer that will get the job done? The SMOK GX 350 is a powerful unit that puts out a steady stream of vapor for a price to match its peers. The smok gx350 batteries that power this unit are four cells deep and they offer a significant upgrade over the single cell designs that most vaporizers use. When intcused in TC mode, the GX 350 produces four times the power that similar sized units while consuming half the power of older design vaporizers.

Is the smok gx350 mod safe to use? The entire unit is safe to use as long as you follow some guidelines. First, ensure that the batteries are compatible with the mod. Some models will tell you if you need a specific kind of battery door. Most will have a normal power button but some models will have a red button that you can push to turn off the power and reduce the chances of an electrical fire.

Can I upgrade the batteries or do I have to get new ones? You can upgrade the batteries if you so desire but you should keep in mind that the mod has an internal rechargeable battery. You can upgrade the cells inside, but you have to get brand new cells or buy original equipment to do so. The smok gx350 does not support TC or permanent voltage increase which means that you cannot increase the power beyond its current level. If you want to increase the power you can do so by purchasing some additional batteries or upgrading to a higher quality mod.

Does it look good in my hands? The appearance of the smok gx350 box mod is not one that anyone will mistake for a high tech device. It looks good and fits into any hand very nicely. It is compact and it has a very futuristic look to it. It does not have the same look and feel as a top load mod nor does it have the same smooth performance that a lot of other devices in the market have. It just has that unique blueberry look and feel that just makes it great.

Is the battery door easy to open and close? This is actually an easy question to answer. The Smok GX 350 has a very quick battery door opening time thanks to the small stature of the device. It is a very good feature as most people are used to having a huge protruding battery door on their mods that take forever to open and close.

How much power does it give off? The power output of the smok gx350 sits at around 350 watts. This is a nice place to start because most standard size mods give off well under this amount. The reason for the power output being so low is because the device only has one big button and two small buttons. Everything else is on the tiny little screen.

Will there be smok gx 350 Firmware Updates? Yes, there will definitely be some firmware upgrades for this amazing device. The amazing thing about the Smok GX 350 is that it works great without any modifications to your original setup. You will be able to enjoy the power and performance of this mod without having to worry about damaging anything in your kitchen while preparing meals for your family.