SMOK Transformed to 219W TC TF Kit Box

Transformed into 219W only saw its modern style, replaced by the very popular Ministry of Defense for foreigners, this is a wonderful smok vaporizer service. With the touch screen and new user interface and some interesting features (such as buttons on the touch screen locks), all views processing have changed. In the kit, you can it’s hard to pair with the new TF 6 ml reservoir TF coil tank has three heads see you two in the kit networks with only 0.25mΩTF BF head coil. There is no problem with SMOK devices and have durability and quality of care improved, let’s take a look at their latest high-power package!

Pallas Mechanic Resin


Deform a Ge
TF reservoir (6.0 ml) (2ml TPD) 1
TF BF 0.25 ohm coil assembly (preinstalled) 1
The additional TF BF mesh coil only 0.25mΩ1
Protect the quartz glass ball
Replacing a glass
USB data cable
1pc User

Augvape vape

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Aesthetics and ergonomics

The kit is modified to provide shown to the color standard cardboard box positive film kit on the image. Version black and blue prism, black is the focus of the surround sound is blue prism the main color of the device. Choice of colors “black and color 7”, “black and blue prism”, “black and chrome prism”, “black gold” and “dark”, all the equipment TF tank, color and shade equipment game or meeting will be equipped
As an exotic device, the appearance of the front and the back is the same type and extends to the side. The front has a large color touch screen, the Micro-USB port to bottom, the back is a design of a color chart, which dominates the selected color, printed while in the middle “summit”. See sees the bottom of the black decoration that the focus on the other side of the tip is locked and the fire extension pole is vertical.
The basic equipment is the battery door, black door form and safety catch and finally golden on top of the plate 510, the spring means 510. And foreign equipment is very similar in appearance, straighter than the curved shape, but they feel comfortable and you can just shoot.


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TF tank

There are classified, while the incidence of Smok is retained too many differences in TF tank as the latest baby TFV8 tank V2. The containers are separated because they are in the report. There is a locking mechanism on the top of the tank. At the end of the tank, including the popular Prince, including the seal, which had been postponed from the lower cover up the fuel is longer, until now, it is good. The tank bottom is becomes much larger, recycled as the underside of the baby TFV8 V2 to form a double loop coil, instead of three streams having a plurality of coils, which makes the significant turbulence. prefilled ml standard in 2 ml glass vial option and linear glass water tank 6 single glass tube TPD can be produced. Press-fit spool to replace quickly and easily to the coil.


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