SMOK MORPH219 Set, Give You A Different Smoke Experience

    Small cigarette heat recently, and there are small cigarettes everywhere, you’re tired of watching? Today I will give you a different taste, let us recollect the big smoke equipment-SMOK MORPH219.
    1. Appearance
  The metal part of the fuselage must be made of a zinc alloy, weighing about 147.7 grams, which is relatively low in the host electric double. Power range 1-219W, supporting 0.1-2.5 ohms resistor. The front of the main unit is a 1.9-inch touch screen. Most settings are done by touch. The above is a LOGO SMOK money. The USB interface is installed at the bottom of the screen. Decorative metallic strips resembling lines with four parallel sides make contact with a black balance agility. The black and red complement each other and make the characteristics of both sides stronger, which is very subtle and beautiful.

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     There are two plastic handles isolated inside the battery compartment, which can effectively prevent the short circuit caused by the broken skin of the battery, and the inside is very smooth without smudging and will never scratch drums. The positive and negative signs on top of the battery compartment are not only large but also distinguished by different colors, showing the style of a large plant in the details. Due to the low tolerance of the tube diameter design and battery, the battery can not be installed without problem if a battery in two layers. In addition, there is a small difference between the height of the compartment and the battery height, so you always need a bit of effort when closing the battery compartment.Jewel tank

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    2. Atomizer
    The suit is equipped with a TF atomizer with a height of 56 mm and a diameter of 30 mm. It has an oil storage capacity of 6 ml under the blessing of the grease trap. The overall color is the same as the main unit, with black as the main tone and red as decoration. After disassembly, it can be divided into 5 parts, the drip nozzle, integrated hood top, glass tray, atomizing core and base. The structure does not seem special, but in fact there some differences.Smok Nord 2
  The lower portion of the upper lid is integrated wherein atomizing the core is installed and can be sealed by the rubber rings on the upper and lower part of the atomizing core. Since the diameter is much larger than that of the atomizing core, there is no need for oil holes and smoke atomization core. The oil penetrate inside the large oil guide hole and then be absorbed by the cotton in the atomizing core. The thickness of the two glass B is about 1 mm, very smooth, burr-free, and very closely linked to the upper cover and the base. There are many air intake holes on both sides of the base. The larger air intake can make the resistance lower intake, and of course, it will also bring a large amount of smoke. The triangular distribution bars gold plated inside the base can effectively conduct the electricity, but also can support stablythe atomizing core. Since the structural seal this time is mainly borne by the atomizing core, there is no apron on the base.RPM80 Pro

    3: Summary
A smoker and deliberate work, first-class craftsmanship and advanced technology provide a simple and tasteful operation, which makes the SMOKMORPH 219 suit a Q-ULTRA Pod more comfortable and safer experience for users, plus a 0.001 second time Extremely fast ignition is a refreshing steam enjoyment. The above is the relevant information of the SMOK MORPH219 set. For more e-cigarette information, please click: smok vaporizers

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