VAPE News: Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Reviews

For those of us who have actually currently experienced the power as well as usability of Innokin’s iTaste MVP or its successor, the iTaste MVP 2.0, right here comes an additional advanced as well as premium quality tool– the brand new Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0. It includes a large 3,800 mAh battery, capacity to fire sub-ohm constructs, a redesigned screen and also, in addition to that, has a peak power of 30 watts.

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Review
Appearance & Design

Judging by the looks, the iTaste MVP 3.0 is absolutely sensational. It includes an aluminum covering, a perforated surface as well as various products to separate the body from the top and all-time low of the tool. It has an OLED screen which is positioned on the side (just like in the case of its older bro, the MVP 2.0) as well as provides great readability of the settings.

On the MVP 3.0, the firing switch is currently additionally located on the side of the tool– beside the screen as well as the setting buttons which are assigned with “+” and also “-“. The micro USB port is likewise on the side.

Functionality & Efficiency

The Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 has a whole lot to provide to both a beginner as well as a currently experienced vaper. It has come to be a great deal a lot more powerful and also now services a variety of wattage/voltage– from 6.0 to 30.0 watts as well as from 3.0 to 9.0 volts. The iTaste MVP 3.0 can discharge coil builds from 2.5 to also 0.4 ohms, supplying support for a terrific range of clearomizers and rebuildables, therefore the tool appropriates enough for both experienced vapers as well as novices.

The big 3,800 mAh internal battery is additionally extremely worth stating. Even the most active individuals will certainly need to charge the tool fairly rarely, and also then vaping is feasible– thanks to the pass-through technology. The iTaste MVP 3.0 includes an integrated micro USB cable at the base of the device, making it also a best portable power source, so charging your various other smart phones (and even other mods) on the move has now become even more straightforward and also comfortable.

Last ideas

Such Innokin products as iTaste MVP and also iTaste MVP 2.0 have actually currently shown preferred throughout the globe, and also, supposedly, the exact same destiny awaits the MVP 3.0. Contrasted to its predecessors, the MVP 3.0 has become a lot much more effective as well as also extra visually attractive. It totally satisfies the most recent requirements of the world of vaping as well as is very trustworthy in all times. In fact, as long as you are not right into completely insane, very low resistance rebuildables, the iTaste MVP 3.0 most probably will flawlessly suit all of your vaping requires.

Quality & Requirements

Variable Voltage from 3.0– 9.0 V in increments of 0.1 W.
Variable Power Level from 6.0– 30.0 W in increments of 0.5 W.
Integrated 3800 mAh polymer Li-Ion battery.
Smoke counter, Ohm meter.
Integrated OLED display.
High compatibility 510 adapter.
Passthrough technology.
Remaining battery level sign.
On/Off feature with 15 seconds cutoff.
Powerbank feature.
Overcharge security.
Short circuit defense.
Overheating protection.
Memory of the last voltage as well as electrical power setups.

Real people: How do I quit and started smoking

“How to Stop Smoking cigarettes”– this has actually always been just one of one of the most regularly utilized keywords online. Individuals are desperately looking for ways exactly how to ultimately stop cigarette smoking, and, luckily, there are a great deal of choices, including pure nicotine patches, pure nicotine chewing periodontal and additionally electric cigarettes. However the fact is that a great deal of people stop working on their method to an electric life. Why? They miss out on the procedure, the smell, the nicotine as well as the preference; at the very same time mismotivation, misknowledge, pressure from peers and the stressful way of contemporary living isn’t assisting either.

When smokers just intend to take a break at work or school, they can have a „ cigarette break”, where additionally the actual conversations and also discussions occur. After a tough day, you simply occasionally intend to obtain residence ASAP, rest alone with your ideas and light your cigarette, but in the early morning you recognize once again how undesirable and also unpleasant of a vice that is: cough and also frustrations in the early morning, sleepless evenings etc. Below I want to share my experience– exactly how I quit smoking and also began vaping.

Real Person: Just How I Quit Smoking Cigarettes and also Began Vaping
To start with, I would love to present myself: Martins.

Name: Martins.

Sex: Man.

Age: 24.

Zodiac: Taurus.

Smoking experience: 8 years.

Cigarettes smoked monthly: 600-700.

Month-to-month costs on cigarettes, EUR: 150-250.

Vaping experience: 2 years.

E-liquid utilized each month: 55-60ml.

Vaping expenses monthly, EUR: 25-35.

Yes, I understand, I began smoking when I was actually young– I merely fulfilled the incorrect staff at that time. However let’s not explain regarding my past– I just intend to share how many times I tried to quit cigarette smoking.

With nicotine patches: 1 attempt.

With pure nicotine crewing periodontals: 2 efforts.

Reading publications about just how to quit cigarette smoking: 2 efforts.

On Sunday making a decision to give up cold turkey on Monday: 15+ efforts.

A minimum of 20 not successful attempts amount to, or 5+ attempts annually, which is not little– particularly for a twenty years old. So allow’s take check into information why my efforts failed.

Nicotine patches.

There were no process. Of course, I took in the pure nicotine, however I had actually already utilized to recieving it by inhaling and breathing out smoke. When I used a nicotine spot I only felt that I have a spot on my arm and there is no nicotine into my body. Really felt burnt out and also constantly craved a cigarette. That’s why I fell short at the second day, and the pure nicotine patches ended up in the bin. Incidentally, my good friends had similar experiences.

Pure nicotine eating periodontal.

Again– no procedure. It looked like it was all the same as stopping chilly turkey– claiming ‘no’ to an everyday practice, which is extremely vital for you. Also, these chewing gum tissues taste dreadful– a minimum of I hated the preference. When I ate them for as well long, I sometimes started vomitting. And also it was truly very easy to chew them for too long because you don’t assume much about the gum in your mouth and also you simply chew, chew and chew. After that, after a year or so, there came the 2nd effort, as well as results were the same. Perhaps there is just something wrong with my body.

Checking out publications about exactly how to stop smoking cigarettes.

After reading a number of books I started smoking already after 3 days. Just by reviewing Allen Carr’s “Easy method to quit smoking cigarettes” I didn’t take a cigarette in my hands for a month, however then something else took place– I began drinking on weekend breaks a lot more. Than I comforted myself by claiming: it’s all right to smoke while you consume alcohol. After that, if I really intended to smoke during workdays, I just bought a beer, and once again my nasty friend– the cigarette– was in my hands. After that month I recognized that I will probably give up smoking cigarettes, however at the exact same time will certainly become an alcoholic, so I quit this odd, one month long treatment.

On Sunday determining to give up cool turkey on Monday.

Really substantial will power is needed below, and also the very first 2 weeks are merely dreadful. A cigarette smoker’s life can actually turn into a nightmare and also end up being super complicated without nicotine as well as the procedure of smoking. Of course, a great deal of my attempts were calamities, yet the last one was fantastic. I quit for at the very least 6 months. How? I stopped drinking, obtained a new work, transferred to a brand-new city, bought a new auto and also began to do a lot of sports. All of these aspects helped me give up, however throughout the very first month I had hardly any kind of conversation with my family members, buddies and also girflriend, due to the fact that WITH NO sensible factor I simply went from a serene person to an extremely upset as well as stressed male in a blink of an eye. I was swearing at all times when being in traffic jams, and virtually got into several crashes. Yet if you have enough will power then this IS possible.

Just how I started vaping.

It was an actually wonderful and pleasant feeling when I gave up cigarette smoking. After the third month I really started to do not hesitate from cancer cells sticks. However, still, in some cases when I was having a drink, after a difficult day at the office or simply in some unique moments I wished to “commemorate” with a cigarette– I just missed out on the process a lot. Yet I never ever wished to begin smoking again– I currently despised that smell and also the basic feeling. After that I began to review vapor cigarettes and also determined to attempt them out. Obviously, I review a lot of problem articles stating that electric cigarettes are really hazardous for your health, along with various other silly things.

Then I acquired my very first electric cigarette for around 30 EUR, which sufficed for a newbie. As well as rather quickly I already wanted to delight in greater level of vaping, and also acquired my first genuine mod– an Innokin iTaste SVD.

From my experience, for the body, there is no difference in between vaping and also not vaping in all. I can’t really feel any negative or unsafe adjustments. No nasty adverse effects as from smoking cigarettes: coughing, frustrations, etc. But as I have attempted a great deal of e cigarettes and EC associated items, I can honestly say– in many cases, higher rates for the primary elements (mods, clearos and also e-liquid) mean higher quality as well as therefore much better vaping experience.

As I invest a lot of time in the office or in the auto, I like that I can vape where I wish to as well as no one is grumbling about the odor or other things, which is a norm with traditional cigarette cigarettes. I actually love that I can do something really comparable to smoking cigarettes without harmful my wellness a lot. A minimum of I feel great and also can’t complain that I started vaping.

Final ideas.

Pure nicotine substitute treatment (patches/chewing gum tissues), along with book reading and other “choices” of smoking all have the very same trouble– there is no process entailed. Yet I have always enjoyed the process of smoking cigarettes. By using a smokeless cigarette, I can get into this procedure (or at the very least a really comparable one) whenever I intend to, and also I can even vape an e-liquid with no pure nicotine web content. I also feel that vaping is not damaging my health and wellness at all; I have actually never been as fit as I am right now, as well as my lung capacity is much higher– I can feel that in every breath.

If you have any concerns, feel free to ask in remarks– I’ll try to answer.

If my experience was insufficient for you, just try to find even more details on and also check out our Expense Saving Calculator to find out just how much money can you conserve by vaping rather than smoking cigarette cigarettes!

Review:, 50% discount for purchases on
2.Lostvaping Review: OBS CUBE-S VW Box MOD 80W
3.About electronic cigarette 10 of the most popular myths

Lostvaping Review: OBS CUBE-S VW Box MOD 80W



The OBS Cube-S VW Box MOD has achieved the ultimate in the use and craftsmanship of leather. The material of leather and zinc alloy not only makes the OBS Cube-S lighter, but also adds a rich touch, making it easy for users to grasp. The OBS Cube-S is driven by a single 18650 battery with a maximum power of 80W. OBS Cube-S VW Box MOD also has a power adjustment function, and the user can select the adjustment range from 5W to 80W. The upgraded chip makes OBS Cube-S more stable at work and also has better performance. With the additional design of LED screen and type-C charging, the OBS Cube-S MOD will be a phenomenal vaping device.

Main Features:
1. Leather texture for smooth touch
2. Single 18650 cell with max 80W output
3. Ergonomic design for easy grip in palms
4. 5-80W adjustable output power
5. Multiple battery protections
5. 0.96-inch LED display
7. Type-C charging port

Size: 86 x 28 x 34 mm
Output Wattage: 5 – 80W
Battery: 1x 18650 battery(not included)
Working Mode: VW
Charging Current: 4.2V/2A
Standby Current: <45ua
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.25V
Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-3.0ohm
Material: Leather + Zinc Alloy
Thread: 510

Package Contents:
1x OBS Cube-S MOD
1x Type-C Cable
1x User Manual

About electronic cigarette 10 of the most popular myths

As an increasing number of people are getting involved in vaping, there is likewise a lot of misconceptions concerning smokeless cigarettes straying around. Most of these are born without any rational history as well as are just peoples’ imagination. In this short article, we wish to take a look at one of the most preferred misconceptions about smokeless cigarettes.

Mainly, these mistaken beliefs are popular within passionate tobacco cigarette smokers or individuals who merely dislike cigarette smoking and every little thing that has something to do with it (even totally remotely). They could also come from some tobacco firms– otherwise in a straight way, there are most likely individuals (physicians, scientists, and so on) who flood these misconceptions right into culture. We call it publicity.

10 A Lot Of Popular Myths Regarding Electronic Cigarettes
Myth No. 1– Electronic cigarettes are bad because e-liquids consist of pure nicotine


A whole bunch of makers create e-liquid without any pure nicotine web content, and also you can get these in every e-cig shop, online or offline– trouble fixed;
Researches reveal that pure nicotine is a habit forming material, however at the exact same time it leaves a lot less of a negative impact on body than all the other active ingredients found in tobacco smoke. Traditional cigarettes are bad for your health since you inhale a great deal of chemicals from tobacco and also the paper which sheds right in the front of your mouth. But this is not the situation with e cigarettes. You need to certainly take a look at filter test or 5 Unread and also Intriguing Truths Concerning Pure Nicotine
Myth No. 2– Quickly government will outlaw electronic cigaretes totally


It can occur in just a number of nations– vapor cigarettes are coming to be more and more traditional all over the world, and an increasing number of people as well as communities are starting to accept them;
It is not likely that this will certainly happen in the United States, Netherlands, UK, France and also other developed nations. Either on August 2015 UK Federal Government Reveals Assistance for Vaping;
A complete ban of electronic cigarettes would really be a rather challenging task. Instead, some governments might in some way only restrict sale or use these products.
Misconception No. 3– Electronic cigarettes can blow up and also damage your face


The chance of such crashes coincides as your phone exploding alongside your face, unless, of course, you use a damaged device. Either way, don’t neglect to care for your personal vaporizer (clean it, do not drop it, examine the battery polarity, etc.). You can get some tips on how to do it in our post regarding E-Cigarette Security.
If you buy your devices from top rated sellers, you do not have to fret. Just do not get an expensive looking mod/clearo/e-liquid from an individual on the street.
Myth No. 4– E cigarettes are dangerous due to the fact that individuals do not know them quite possibly yet


Handle respectable companies just;
There is actually a great deal of research information offered regarding electronic cigarettes currently. The primary coclusions of such scientific studies generally reveal that active ingredients located in e-liquids, as well as the components of a regular personal vaporizer are secure to use, and verifies that vapor cigarettes are less harmful than standard cigarette cigarettes
Myth No. 5– Vapor cigarettes are extra addicting than standard cigarette cigarettes.


The only addicting substance in an electric cigarette is nicotine in the e-liquid. As well as, as you might currently recognize, you can pick whatever pure nicotine degree you wish to when purchasing your e-liquid, as well as even obtain plenty of juices without nicotine;
If you vape a great deal (I mean A LOT), and the pure nicotine content in your e-liquid is remarkably high, you can PROBABLY obtain more addicted to pure nicotine than if you smoked typical cigarette cigarettes. However, the same logic helps smoking cigarettes. Yet Vaping has much more Pros than normal cigarettes: Vaping Pros and Cons
And no, from my experience, I vape much more seldom than I smoked cigarettes before. In some cases I even take a day or more off of the nicotine as well as vape pure nicotine free juices.
Myth No. 6– Vapor cigarette firms attempt to entice people who don’t smoke


This is not true. The huge majority of people who begin vaping are cigarette smokers that do it since they just want to give up smoking cigarettes, and vapor cigarettes are intended to assist them do so.
Certainly, some non-smokers may want to check out vaping. Nevertheless, they can do so without getting addicted to nicotine or any kind of various other compounds– by picking an e-liquid which is nicotine free. And allow’s be honest– that is much, much better than inhaling tobacco smoke which consists of countless various toxic as well as health hazard chemicals.
Misconception No. 7– E-liquid is used components discovered in antifreeze


This is silly, gross, foolish. No federal government in the world would certainly enable marketing products which consist of poisonous and hazardous chemicals;
From the view of an electronic cigarette business, it would damage their company in days (otherwise hours).
Vapor cigarettes remain in the marketplace a couple of years already, as well as we have not heard a single story regarding somebody obtaining poisoned by vaping. Have you?
Misconception No. 8– Vapor from electric cigarettes preferences bad/weird


It was most likely real some 5 or 10 years ago with some cig-a-like e cigarettes. The sector has gone a long method from low-quality filler product for economical cartomizers to effective, fashionable, trusted, risk-free and also instinctive vaping mods and high-grade, tasty e-liquids. Actually, I generally tell people that if you like hookah, you will take pleasure in vapor cigarettes a lot, far more;
Absolutely nothing tastes as well as scents even worse than traditional cigarettes;
As many individuals, as many point of views. And also, once more, in 2015, you can adjust your vaping experience by testing out a great deal of e-liquids, clearomizers, mods and power setups, as well as even get yourself a rebuildabe atomizer to tailor your vaping game even more.
Myth No. 9– Electronic cigarettes are bad for individuals around you


Vapor cigarettes or personal vaporizers– therefore the term– generate only that: VAPOR. It is nothing like second hand smoke: it has no nasty odor and also no harmful/toxic particles in it. In many cases, bystanders will certainly not also see you vaping– that is, if they do not see your gadget in your hand, of course. Actually, it has actually been located in several research studies that only a little amount of the pure nicotine, which is the only addictive material in electronic cigarette vapor, is spread out by exhaling it. This quantity was a lot, a lot less than the nicotine material found in previously owned tobacco smoke. And bear in mind: numerous vapers prefer to utilize e-liquid with NO nicotine web content!
Misconception No. 10– Vaping is extra expensive than smoking cigarettes cigarette cigarettes


It is just not real. Even if I undergo more than a hundred mililiters of e-liquid per month (which is most definitely A GREAT DEAL, and also I seldom reach such numbers) and acquire a couple of brand-new clearomizers (and maybe also a trendy new mod) that month, I invest much less than I utilized to invest in those nasty and damaging cigarettes. As well as I reside in a country where a pack of smokes costs no more than 4 EUR, which is not quite.
Obviously, a little financial investment is needed in the beginning– to get your desired vaping starter set and also some e-liquid. However, later on you will be glad checking out just how much cash you can save monthly. You can also try out our Vaping vs Smoking Expense Calculator.
Do not hesitate to share your observations as well as experience with electric cigarettes in the comment section listed below!

Review:, 50% discount for purchases on
2.2020 Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 Review
3.Four different flavors Myle V4 Pod Kit experience different flavors

2020 Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 Review

If you are entirely new to the wonderful vaping globe, an eGO design battery will probably suit most of your demands. Nonetheless, our needs constantly have a tendency to grow, and this is likewise real when it involves a good, loosening up Smok NOVO 2 Vape.

This is where Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 can most likely come in. As the name recommends, it is an upgraded version of its precursor, the MVP 1.0, and, despite the fairly similar looks, it offers us even more points to play with and also to make our day-to-day vape much more pleasurable.

Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 Review
Appeal & Layout

The iTaste MVP 2.0 is a rectangular-shaped variable voltage and variable electrical power (VV/VW) mod with a 510 connector and a display on its side. Unlike the red-colored (as well as probably not-so-easy-on-the-eye) display screen of the MVP 1.0, this lights the digits in blue; there are 2 establishing buttons on the side of it. There is additionally a built-in ohm meter which presents the resistance of the presently placed atomizer, as well as a “smoke counter”, permitting you to manage your day-to-day pure nicotine intake.

The MVP 2.0 has a wonderful firing button which likewise indicates the battery degrees making use of green, yellow as well as red LEDs. It is put rather ergonomically, so adaption from eGO type tools need to not be a worry. At the same time, the two establishing switches beside the screen might seem not very practical and also straightforward. They are marked as “P” as well as U”– “P” is used for changing the electrical power, “U”– for the voltage, but pressing them both at the exact same time gives the ohm analysis.

Capability & Efficiency

Battery smart, the iTaste MVP 2.0 has a built-in 2600 mAh polymer Li-Ion battery which is rechargeable making use of USB. And, rather remarkably, this mod additionally functions as a portable source of power for your electronic devices– it has a USB port, and after a flip of a button (ON/OFF) you can bill, say, your phone. Safe to say– it is a rather handy attribute when you get on the go; besides, the MVP 2.0 additionally comes with a cord which has a few of the most secondhand smart phone adapters.

The iTaste MVP 2.0 carries out simply terrific. Feels like it never stops working to offer its proprietor with a consistent, cozy vape, as well as its reputable look personifies the high resilience as well as integrity of the device. The voltage/wattage range is high enough for the majority of clearomizers readily available out there, and also the rectangle-shaped shaped mod definitely likes being combined with Innokin products like iClear 16, iClear 30 and also iClear 30s.

Final ideas

In 2015, there are a whole lot of electric cigarette mods readily available on the marketplace, and for an unskilled e-cig user it might seem tough to locate a really great as well as ideal product. Nevertheless, the dependability, simplicity and competitive rate of the Innokin’s iTaste MVP 2.0 gives it fairly a lot of benefits over other similar products, consequently it is a wonderful gadget both for beginners and also progressed individuals.

Features & Specification


Four different flavors Myle V4 Pod Kit experience different flavors

Myle V4 Pod Set with 4 Flavors Pods 240mAh

Myle V4 Pod Kit
Mylé V4 Vape Package is an incredibly portable 240mAh integrated battery covering system kit that is made for vapers on the move or those that are trying to find an easy change from cigarettes. The Mylé V4 has entered its fourth version. It has actually soaked up the appropriate expertise of comparable gadgets in the vaping sector as well as enhanced these concepts into the current Mylé V4 shell vape system. The Mylé V4 Set includes no buttons and also is instantly triggered when you breathe in via the popular auto draw innovation. MYLE also has an LED battery indicator on the front of the tool, which will certainly illuminate during billing as well as usage. Each shade of Mylé V4 Starter Set includes 4 different flavor hulls. Mylé V4 tastes shells are non-refillable sheaths with a fluid capability of 0.9 ml, supplying two different degrees of nicotine salt content, which is about equal to 240 smokes. The device uses a selection of scrumptious pre-filled liquid cases, which are ideal for use on the go, allowing you to change the preference at your own benefit.

Main Qualities:
1. Mobile, vaping anytime, anywhere

2. Prolonged battery life

3. LED Battery Life Sign

4. Anti-leak innovation

5. 0.9 mL/magnetic shuck

6. 5% or 2% nicotine by quantity

7. 240 puffs/pod (approx.).

8. A pack of 4 (4) disposable magnetic Vape sheaths.

9. Variety of flavor alternatives.

Dimension (in.) w/pod: 3.93 H x 0.74 W x 0.28 D.
Battery Capability: 240mAh integrated battery.
Sheathing Ability: 0.9 ml.
Puffs: 240( Approximate.).
Pure nicotine Make use: 2%/ 5% pure nicotine by volume.
Pods Flavors: Red Apple, Peach, Pink Lemonade, Lemon Mint, Iced Watermelon, Cold Quad Berry, Iced Mint, Iced Apple Mango, Sweet Tobacco, Pound Cake, Mighty Mint, Lush Ice, Cold Coffee, Cubano, Dessert Mango, Exotic Fruit Max.
Gadget Colors: Standard Silver, Jet Black, Aqua Teal, Hot Red, Sky Blue, Elite White, Lux Gold, Cosmic Rainbow.

Plan Materials:.
1 x Rechargeable Gadget (Elite White).

4 x Pods Variety Load (Peach, Pink Lemonade, Red Apple, Lemon Mint).

1 x Micro USB Battery Charger.

1 x Individual handbook.

Mylé V4 Skies Blue Starter Package.

1 x Rechargeable Gadget (Skies Blue).

4 x Pods Range Pack (Cold Watermelon, Iced Apple Mango, Cold Quad Berry, Tropical Fruit Max).

1 x Micro USB Charger.

1 x Customer handbook.

Mylé V4 Jet Black Starter Package.

1 x Rechargeable Gadget (Jet Black).

4 x Pods Selection Pack (Wonderful Tobacco, Cold Mint, Sweet Mango, Pound Cake).

1 x Micro USB Battery Charger.

1 x User handbook.

Review:, 50% discount for purchases on it see more vape artcle.

Augvape VX217 21700 Kit with Intake Tank 3.5ml Perfect match brings excitement

Augvape VX217 21700 Kit with Intake Tank 3.5 ml.

VX217 21700 Kit
VX217 Set consists of VX217 Box Mod as well as Consumption Below Ohm Tank. VX217 Box Mod can deal with twin 21700/20700/18650 batteries and also has 5-217W power array. The mod is designed with a huge fire button, you can fit and also press it easily in your hand. VX217 uses a 1.3 inch color display as well as the UI resembles car control panel, which help you check out vape time, setting, wattage, voltage, resistance, batteries life. VX217 Package features 3 settings: Variable Power level (VW), Variable Voltage (VV) and also Bypass. Consumption Below ohm Container makes use of ingenious clapton mesh coil to provide you far better taste and also longer lifespan than normal mesh coil. On top of that, the e-juice ability is 3.5 ml and the plan also includes a 5ml bubble glass.

Main Characteristics:.
1. 1.3 inch shade screen with 240 × 240RGB.
2. Double 21700 box mod with Consumption tank.
3. Easy to discharge with a big fire button.
4. The initial mod can reach to 12V.
5. Minimalist layout with spin switch.
6. 3 modes: Variable power level, Variable voltage, Bypass.
7. UI replicates the cars and truck control panel.
8. Longer battery life.
9. Type-C 1.2 A quick charging.
10. Ingenious clapton mesh.

Brand name: Augvape.
Item Call: VX217 Package.
Mod Product: Zinc Alloy.
Mod Size: 80 * 49 * 42mm.
Power Array: 5-217W.
Voltage Array: 0.5-12V.
Mod Resistance Range: 0.05-3ohm.
Battery: Twin 21700/20700/18650 batteries (not included).
Billing: Type-C 1.2 A rapid charging.
Container Diameter: 25mm.
Air movement: Top to lower air circulation.
Filling Up Type: Easy top filling up.
E-juice Capability: 3.5 ml/5ml.
Coil Resistance: 0.2 ohm innovative clapton mesh coil, 0.15 mesh coil.
Color: Black, Gray, Environment-friendly.

Bundle Contents:.
1 * VX217 Mod.
1 * Consumption Sub Ohm Storage Tank.
1 * Type-C Wire.
1 * Battery Sleeve.
1 * Bubble Glass.
2 * Clapton Mesh Coil.
2 * O-rings.
1 * Individual Guidebook.
1 * Guarantee Card.
1 * Desiccant.

Review:, 50% discount for purchases on it see more vape artcle.

IJOY PikGo D18 Starter KIT 23w power, 1600ml large capacity value represents

IJOY PikGo D18 Beginner KIT 1000mAh 23W

IJOY PikGo D18 Starter KIT
PikGo D18 Package is a mesh husk starter kit that includes 2ml capsule cartridge and also 1000mAh internal battery. Taking on chipset and also smart auto-match innovation, it brings you very easy and practical operation. And it can discharge up to 23W max result power. Besides, the transparent sheathing makes use of ultrasonic modern technology as well as leading loading layout to avoid leakage. With adjustable air movement system, it allows you to experience various flavor. Furthermore, it is suitable for DL and also MTL vape.

Main Features:
1. 2ml capsule cartridge and leading filling design
2. 1000mAh integrated battery as well as 23W max output
3. chipset and smart auto-match modern technology
4. Appropriate for DL/MTL with IJOYLAB Flavor Testing Technology( IFTT).
5. Flexible air flow for various taste.
6. Clear shell sealed by ultrasonic innovation for leaking-proof.

Brand name: IJOY.
Product Call: PikGo D18 Mesh Skin Kit.
Material: Light Weight Aluminum Alloy, PCTG.
Dimension: Φ18mm * 103 mm.
Battery Ability: 1000mAh.
Output Setting: ≥ 1Ω Bypass , < 1Ω 3.6 V.
Charging Kind: Micro USB 5V/0.8 A.
Resistance: 0.6 Ω/ 1.0 Ω( pre-install).
Capability: 2ml.
Fill up kind: Leading fill.
Shade: Black, SS, Rainbow.

Plan Contents:.
1 * IJOY PikGo D18 Mod.
1 * IJOY P1.0 Mesh Shell( pre-install).
1 * USB Cable television.
1 * Guidebook.
1 * Guarantee it see more vape artcle.

Eleaf Glass Pen kit: convenient and efficient

Eleaf Glass Pen Package 650mAh 1.8 ml.
Glass Pen Set is the globe’s very first glass case system package. The sheathing is made by pyrex glass and also stainless-steel, which will offer the most effective pure taste. It embraces the GTL 1.2 ohm Coil for MTL taste and coil substitute is extremely simple. Powered by built-in 650mAh battery with type-c charging, Glass Pen Set will certainly use longer vaping pleasure and also less billing time. The glass case holds 1.8 ml e-juice capacity as well as attributes convenient side filling up system. Besides, the cover cap is sanitary that will certainly maintain the mouth piece clean as well as safeguard the glass sheathing.
Eleaf Glass Pen Kit 650mAh 1.8ml
Main Features:.
1. The world’s first glass pod.
2. For MTL flavor.
3. GTL 1.2 ohm Kanthal Coil.
4. Guidebook as well as Car Modes.
5. Easy coil replacement.
6. Built-in 650mAh battery.
7. Type-C charging.
8. Practical side dental filling.
9. Hygienic cover cap.
10. Multiple securities: Overtime/Over Discharge/Overcharge/Short-circuit Security.

Brand: Eleaf.
Product Call: Glass Pen Package.
Size: Φ19mm * 105.5 mm.
Battery Ability: 650mAh.
Covering Cartridge: 1.8 ml.
Resistance: 1.2 ohm.
Charging Existing: Type-C, 5V/0.6 A.
Capsule Product: Pyrex Glass, Stainless Steel.
Battery Product: Aluminium Alloy.
Shade: Black, Grey, Blue.

Bundle Components:.
1 * Glass Pen Battery.
1 * Glass Pen Husk.
2 * GTL 1.2 ohm Coils.
1 * USB Type-C Cable Television.
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The most perfect RTS is Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA

Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTAThunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5 ml.
The highlight of the Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA is the 26-hole internal airflow framework and also dual-slot external air outlet, unpreventable to smooth the taste, thicken the vapor and lower the effect on your throat. Thunderhead Creations Tauren one RTA enables you to expand thopqr loading capacity with the incidental 4.5 ml bubble tube according to your actual vaping time and flavor requirement. You can finish the rebuilding within secs gaining from the single coil deck, keeping a pleasing state of mind from the assembling to vaping.

Main Characteristics:.
1. Solitary coil construct deck, easy to build-up.
2. Top filling up design, streamline the refilling.
3. Effective air flow system, consist of a 26-hole 3D honeycomb building and double air electrical outlets on the bottom.
4. Incidental frozen COMPUTER bubble tube, accessible to a 4.5 ml huge capability.
5. Detachable structure, support cleaning.

Brand Name: Thunderhead Creations.
Version: ONE.
Material: 304 stainless steel.
Drip Pointer: 810.
Deck: Single coil structure.
Capacity: 2ml (Expanded to 4.5 ml ).
Size: 24mm.
Product Size: 2.4 x 2.4 x 4.1 cm.
Bundle Size: 8 x 4 x 6cm.
Item Weight: 0.123 kg.
Plan Weight: 0.16 kg.

Package Materials:.
1 x Tauren One RTA, 1 x Allen Wrench, 1 x 4.5 ml Frosted COMPUTER Bubble Tube, 1 x Bag of Additional Screw & O-ring, 1 x Aluminium Alloy Box with 510 buy it.