Comment for iJoy Captain : Resin TC Mod Kit without Battery 200W 6ml

In the picture, we have a Vapeciga IJOY Captain are ensconced in Styrofoam holders and small accessories box containing the manual charging cable, USB micro-and warranty card.

iJoy Captain 2 Design and build quality
First Captain PD270 is one of the biggest mods I’ve had, and Captain 2 is very similar to this. 911mm x 53mm measurement x 33 mm, and is mainly composed of an aluminum alloy, plastic insert, imitation leather and silicon, which are joined to create a strong, resistant to impact, and elegant vape mod.

Now, as the first captain of his baggy mainly due to the compatibility of 20,700 batteries, Captain 2 18650 requires but a little thicker and more generally. This is because the new generation of the captain has other ambitions. Your goal is to be “the strongest warrior” and to a degree that is ready to take the experience of the powerful vaping world, which Aegis GeekVape.

iJoy mentions no IP standard in the box or in the manual user Captain 2 but frame pads mod upper and lower robust silicone, and insulation around the battery door in all indexes dust Mode resistant vape, water and shock. Call it an unofficial competitor Aegis series, but it certainly has a lot to do, given the popularity of the Aegis brand.

I’d be lying if I said I did not see similarity between the captain and two vaporizer mod Aegis Legend 200W. Both have approximately the same top plate 510 and the connections, the same style of the battery cover, and even high visibility large screws hold the set representing the legend Aegis Mod.

Captain IJOY Mercury show new has a connection 510 mounted in the center of the spring pin gold plating. The central location and thickness of the device ensures that can be used with sprays of up to 30 mm diameter without false, which is good news, because the captain 2 seems to have been made by a Attys great Aromamizer RDTA such greater V2 .

low shot button on the opposite side, you have a panel of beautiful faux leather that not only looks good, has little influence too. Is a high-quality synthetic leather same we see in the beautiful GeekVape mod X and Aegis VooPoo new Argus GT, so I have a feeling that will support long-term.

Basically, we have the same as the battery cover in Aegis Legend Mod 200W, with a mechanism locking tab style. It was better than the top of the screw-100W battery Aegis, I would say, but still no favorite battery cover. It is easy to open as a door on the list a little tab, but will remain in place needs some pressure. Certainly not a swindler, but mainly because of the need for a door strong enough to keep water and dust.

mod 2 plastic rear master IJOY JUPITER Pod click in features such as the design panel false carbon fiber, which is supposed to be a return to the original master PD270. For some reason, these panels are wiped right out of the box, but less has a protective plastic cover can take off.

So far I am very satisfied with the final installment of the series iJoy captain, but I put two batteries and turned on the mod, just to see what are exactly the same as three years ago. When PD270 came out in 2017, it was one of the best screens in the business, but three years is an eternity in this industry, and is in dire screen now obsolete.

The screen layout is still very good, and I get more black and white pattern, but the low brightness makes the screen almost impossible to see in certain lighting conditions. And just as the 2017 version, it is no brightness adjustment. The screen certainly a disappointment, and I was surprised that I personally iJoy using three screens.

I’m glad to see that Captain 2 maintains the same overall design that made the original great improvements obtained from the serious sustainability. High quality manufacturing PD270 Super mod feels solid in the hand, and the large fire button is the icing on the cake. The only thing I was disappointed by the screen, which is straight out of 2017.

In terms of real technological progress, I would say that the industry has been fairly stagnant over the past 5 years. Vapeciga IJOY Shogun is an excellent example.

the same characteristics and means of the structure of the menu the same chip, and was a little surprised that iJoy choose to go with the board of 3 years, but there was supposed to be. As I said, there have been no significant technological progress in the last three years, and adjusted to activate the battery much faster than before, why invest in a new chip if not necessary.

For the full menu system, see Captain PD270, but if you want a guide, can tell you that access the menu by pressing the button three times quickly shooting. Then use the + and – keys to scroll through the different modes and options.

There is a power mode which is a normal way of watts with three hot (soft, normal and hard) and the four so-called “user”, which essentially allows you to define your own custom curve watts in 0.5 seconds. Then mode is TC (temperature control) for three supported material (nickel, titanium and stainless steel), and TCR.

As for the setting, not much choice. Captain 2 gives you the ability to set the number of seconds the displays remain lit when the mod is idle, and to reset the counter PUDD. And that’s all there on the menu.

New IJOY Diamond get code works as well as his brother, in my opinion, which is not surprising considering that both are driven by the same board. Strip faster than the 2017 model, but other than that, it was almost the same as the PD270.

Fortunately, there are more iJoy Captain 2. This is not just another double vaporizer mod 18650 which is intended to be a competitor this GeekVape Aegis mods. While not specified by the degree of protection IP manufacturer on the packaging or in the user manual, Captain 2 called the “military class mod”. It’s going to be tough as Aegis? I can not say because I have not tried it, but it certainly feels a lot more solid than most mods advanced market two batteries.

IJOY took the time with a substitution of one of the most popular mods of all vaporizer, and when he finally did, proved to be a re-edited version of the original. Well, the least they try to go a different route, as marketing of quality military vaporizer mod and try to go behind the brand GeekVape Aegis, which so far almost no competition. 2 was the captain erode very Aegis? It is too early to say, but at the least get points for trying.

You can buy here:IJOY

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Comment with Uwell Caliburn :Best Uwell Caliburn Vape Pod System Starter Kit

The vapeciga Caliburn has a capacity of 520mAh battery and 2 ml sheath. Pods uses flavors of Pro-Focs Well patented technology that is said to improve the flavor and provide a more pleasant operation.

After so long, it is Caliburn even bother? Or perhaps you’re with the new device? Keep reading to find out!

Fill the box ContentsUwell Caliburn Box
1 x wellbore system Caliburn Pod
Pod cartridge 2 x Caliburn
1 x cable microUSB
1 x Manual
110mm x 21mm x 12mm
520mAh battery
11W output
cloves replaced
Pod capacity
The shutter button or Draw

Design and build quality

One of the main reasons why so many people love the design is Caliburn. It seems simple, but cool, and it was nice to hold and spray. Caliburn reaches the dimensions 110 mm x 21 mm x 12 mm. He is tall and thin to keep it down and vaping on what is really comfortable and natural. You can throw in your pants pocket or even a shirt pocket and I almost believe that he is there.

The Vapeciga Caliburn KOKO  is made of aluminum alloy and, therefore, is a very lightweight device. It is still very robust and very durable. Because the device is almost entirely smooth if I fell off a wooden floor several times the height and concrete. Besides a few small bumps and scratches he is always looking and works well.

You can press the power button / light spray or simply draw on the mouthpiece. The Caliburn has a second button is activated and make the shot you will use the one you like. trigger buttons are well made and take a little pressure to activate. Do not move or move.

Just below the power light indicator / LED. It is red to indicate the battery level green or blue light. LED each time you take a draw or press the shutter button.

On each side of the unit is a small piece of the sheath eJuice display. When the car has these parts sitting in the window so you can check your level eJuice without having to remove it. transparent window which is very easy to see inside.

Caliburn cloves standards established by magnets and are set up. You have to press hard enough to get a pod click the battery. After clicking on the pod where it outcrops no movement or movement. You can also use Caliburn Caliburn cloves with Koko but does not click on the stack of Caliburn standard pods. Caliburn teeth Koko bind with magnets alone. I still think free movement and remains attached to the sheath Caliburn as good as ever.

Nunchaku show new may contain up to 2 ml eJuice. two identical parts are obtained in a box having an integrated coil 1.4ohm. These pods replaced which means that you can not change the coil. Once the car is used / burned must replace the entire pod. It is suitable for those who just want a simple device that can fill and start using.

Funnel on the side of a nacelle on both sides and adapted to the vaporizer. sheath functions funnel and the filler cap. You have to pull the plug to access the fill port, but it is difficult to get the plug. A hat Moving towards the side of the aid, but in general are difficult to remove.

Once the cap, you will see three holes. the center hole does not fill the hole so do not put here eJuice or flood the coil! You can fill the capsule using an external holes. Filling the hole, the other holes allow air to escape to make it easier to fill.

Even with the air outlet, you must fill the pods slowly. Because the coil is at the center of the car, not evenly distributed eJuice unless the slope of the pods. Pod eJuice tilt will occur on the opposite side. If loads too quickly, filling eJuice one side of the hole and then uses the outlets. A funnel rear end cap / sufficient pressure in the nacelle.

ChargingUwell batteries and LED Caliburn
520mAh battery Caliburn. Fully charged, Caliburn did not last long vaping. This is only 11W output that uses very little battery for each drawing. On average, I have about 3 refills per charge.

LED below the power button indicates the charge level of the battery. There are three colors:

Green: 100-60%
Blue: 60-30%
Red: less than 30%
You can press the shutter button once to check the battery level or when blown with LED lights also attract activation.

Micro USB. Fast charging if the charge is used Uwell Crown Pod click in takes only 45 minutes to go from dead to full charge. It also has an impact load so you can vaped at this price.

Caliburn standard pods provide great success with nic slot salt 50. The steam heat, but not hot and very nice. The taste is very good and lived up to all the hype that is out there. steam production more than expected from a 11W device.

Koko Caliburn pods offer an experience that is very similar to a standard platform. However, due 1.2ohm teeth, slightly hotter steam. It is still warm, but warmer than the standard platform. The taste and the same clouds and good production wells.

To draw a very hot pods using Caliburn Koko, using just warm fire standard pods.

the production of steam, the flavor and heat all began to deposit the mold battery. The Caliburn is not a constant output devices, so it’s expected. Once the battery until the red color to attract much smaller, so they tend to be filled once at this level.

None of cloves or flight gave me problems in my tests. I mainly use the 50/50 salt NIC, but I use eJuice 60VG time. Regularly takes a long time gives good Caliburn Pods get code chain and have never hit a dry place or even close. The absorption of the sheath is very good and is not a problem.

Bo One, her slim pickings options when vaping with well Caliburn (same goes for the sheath almost all types of devices anyway). Power control and variable temperature directly the window instead, leaving you with a fixed ceiling of 11 watts of power.

Well Caliburn supports only one type of coil at the time, but it would be nice to see more options on the line, as a type of coil resistance or perhaps even another type of material less as a ceramic spool.

Individual wells Caliburn nozzle
Well Caliburn heat coilsEase of Use
Most type capsule based on similar mechanisms that relates to the filling of the car, but Caliburn has a certain refinement, but we enjoyed the process leading to a more user friendly experience. To be precise, the Caliburn property has a high filler in which the drip tip also serves the port cover of the nacelle.

What this means in the long run is that you do not have to remove the basket of the basic kit for a refill (which most devices require through the fill port is at the bottom). This also makes each of the pods Well vapeciga uwell amulet much less prone to leakage.

well shielded housing Caliburn
With dimensions of 110mm Caliburn although the dosage of 21.2 mm by 11.6 mm, it is easily one of the most compact devices in the market, regardless of the power class or assistance. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the rocks well Caliburn rated 520mAh internal battery, nearly two times more likely to Pax Juul.

The capacity of 2 ml may not seem like cloves and liquid as it corresponds to the capacity of the largest and most powerful mods, but the bass output of the device, 2 ml is enough to get even more often for a full day .

Caliburn flat screen well

The Caliburn some areas that could be improved, but generally solid. Vaporizer If you are after a MTL tight loop, then you want to look at other devices. But to get loose MTL, which will certainly be a pleasure Caliburn.

Vapers beginners will appreciate the ease of use, while more experienced vapers still enjoy the taste and long lasting battery that provides Crown 4 uwell show new. VAPE nic salts, which Caliburn certainly one of the best gadgets you can get even today.

Drawing or activates the button
Super easy to use
Very good quality
very light
The good taste
The cost is only 45 minutes
long life sheath
no leak
hit the throat is about 50 mg nic salt
filler cap is difficult to remove
Lower pull each time the battery is low (there is a constant output)
MTL operate not be enjoyed by all
Too rapid filling may cause a disaster
Check Price
Last year, hundreds of new pod chips released. All have tried to provide the best possible sense of the duct system. Some of them were great, but some of them are downright horrible.

Throughout all this new version of the vaporizer boat, a talking camera as “pod vape” – the Caliburn well. The Caliburn has been for some time, but it is always in high demand due to the build quality is great and the flavors are on.

You can buy here:uwell

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Comment of SMOK Nord Pod :Impeccable assembly and successful surface treatment

The vapeciga smok nord is one of the newest famous manufacturer vaporizer Smok Pod kit. They have existed for long in the vaping and perhaps currently most popular manufacturers out there, despite not being loved in the community.Specifications from the manufacturer:
Size – 94 mm by 30 mm by 18.8mm
Weight – 80g
Integrated battery 1100mAh
Watt Output Range: 10-15W
Input voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Load Current: 370mA
Based on the output voltage directly
the firing mechanism on the button
Battery LED indicator lights
Cobra plated Panel – beautiful design
Juice of 3 ml capacity – can be filled Pod System
Replaced with coil springs
north 0.6ohm coil mesh – Optimized for sub-ohm Experience
Regular 1.4ohm coils north – Optimized for MTL experience
1.0ohm coils north ceramic – sold separately
Air Pod managed by the system
ergonomically curved nozzle
8 seconds cut protection
short protection -Circuit
Low voltage warning
Micro USB port charging system
Access loving owner
Available in a solid black color, rainbow prisms, prism gold bottle with gold, red, white, black
Included in the box:
1 NORTH Pod system
1 North 0.6ohm nets Coils
1 regular 1.4ohm North Coils
micro USB cable 1
1 training manual
highlighting coil
0.6ohm north nets Coils
Regular 1.4ohm coil North
north ceramic coil 1.4ohmIt is available in six colors black, gold, rainbow, red, green and white / black. 27.95 Elementvape have them in all colors in stock if the price is good. spare coils quite cheap as 12.95 to 15.95 5 packs and replacement pods only 5.95 and equipped with two coils for the price and very good to replace coils

It costs about 2.5 hours 1A load will make it faster. formed no exaggeration list of what everything looks so good rankings. Gateway also has a great vaping. by sophisticated drip it belongs to and is part of the vehicle itself. Northern development and tasted very good solid and heavy niece. You can see from the photos how thick frame. In the beautiful and well-built for her. This color is also very good. I, fortunately, my favorite color is dark green with good looks transparent dye layer. Smok has really stepped up your paint job because alien species problem for sure. The front and in snakeskin design in green panel has gold highlights and a shiny little. Actually, this reminds me of a paint job I chose one of my custom mods done extremely well.

The sheath itself is easy to resolve. It comes with a pressure capsule and a separate pop pop coil through the O-ring (unthreaded). The pods attached to the battery clip into the system and easy to get in and out and adjust so there is a very good job and fit in with the movement or play. To fill a standard rubber stoppered, removed filler and fill the hollow large enough to be used with a bottle of fine tip easily. rubber stopper, even for me and the nails are not easy to remove the lower pontoon on the handle locks. I also doubt that it was intentional, but it is a happy coincidence, but the plug was also dubbed in the sidecar when filled so completely out of the way which is nice.

The usage is quite simple. It is a simple device fire button with a single button and there is no way or anything. You can click five times the light on and off. It occurs directly, but you will not see much of a fall to very low. There is a small but easy to see LED on the shutter button. This white when smok rpm40 show new. To check the battery level shots that fire three times. Green means that 70% or more, which means 30-70% of half an orange and red below 30%. Was also cut out the window and colorless pods so it is easy to see the level of juice to get really low, then you need to see if the juice at the bottom or pop the sheath and the screen again. Juice bottom window would be nice, but not a big problem.

performance and details of the coil

Vapeciga smok mag p3 The kit comes with two large coils. All kits should always include two coils / pods, so happy they did because many of them do not look. Unsheathed reserve, but you can be purchased separately if you want if you want to carry a spare. There are 3 amounts of coil option. A “mesh” 0.6 ohm, 1.4 ohm cotton (inclusive) and 1.4 ohms ceramic (not included). Mesh, but not really mesh and does not correspond to their image, but more of a honeycomb design, you can see that on my album. colored pods are also not so easy levels of juice and juice cuts on the battery as well.

The smok fetch click in is a rectangular style AIO (all in one) kit pod, which means that no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things.

colors (six total)
3 ml of high capacity
The construction quality batteries
simple beauty
paint a very good job
small size for easy portability
vaping gate
an accurate estimate for the size of the battery and charging speed (load speed slightly underrated)
a great taste for System monodosis
pods are easy to remove and install the coil as
Juice level is easy to see in very low
good battery meter is easy to see
living large coil
equipped with two coils
pod filling easy
Battery life is very large
colored pods
the price point for the device and coil
Selecting coil (3 choices)
the level of juice a little hard to see when it was really low without deleting
You should be charged 1A

So with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like so hard or not, but it’s pretty heavy leaning toward him for me. The smok rpm 40 get code has a lot of things that other pod systems do not. Very easy to use, simple, easy to fill, small and portable, and most importantly a very good performance.

It was Anthony fried Keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I’ll catch the next revision.

Comment with Voopoo Drag 2 Vinci Too Drag PNP

Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 is the latest popular Vape Voopoo producers do not really need much of an introduction. The most popular of its appeal mod is still popular today, almost two years after its launch, voopoo did some good mods, but are now trying to make a couple of sprays too. This is the fourth German Democratic Republic so far and they have reviewed so far as large rune. Périclès is a double coil DTL RDA RDA Squonk spindle included. It is available in 10 color combinations.Manufacturer Specifications
24.2mm diameter
Juice far 6mm now
in in the upper stainless steel construction
Dome top cover design – taste better
Two poles intuitive build the bridge
USER-design-Clamp style
The opening of the tablet Terminal – 3 mm
Top guaranteed flathead
PEEK insulator
single or double coil configuration
The external air flow dual control – 10 mm by 2 mm
Four internal air tubes – 3 mm diameter
810 Diameter 10 mm wide tip dropwise resin
510 tip dropwise adapter
Squonk BF 510 Pin
Gilding 510 Log
Available in stainless steel or black
Included in the box:
1 Périclès GDR
1510 tip dropwise resin of the adapter
head screwdriver 1
1 Allen wrench
1 Pad organic cotton
2 prefabricated coils
Pin 510 1 Squonk BF
1 Unit bag
1 User manual

When Voopoo Vinci show new was very impressed by the design. As I pretty much sums up this criticism and call it a day. This is nothing new or innovative, but had one of the best build a platform that is equal to the cheetah stand 2 RDA are also used in Bonza and is associated with one of the best air flow in the direction of the airflow one RDA Kennedy.

Now, construct a platform. There is a hole two positions 1 and tighten the platform after winding. This design is very nice that works well if kudos to whoever came up with it. It was first seen in the Cheetah 2 GDR and make it more popular among the Bonza GDR. Loosen the clamp screw to create down to a set of slides takes you up and tighten the back to tighten the clamp on the pole. Other holes of each post is a hole with a screw cap is more than sufficient to accommodate large rolls. Each cable has its own hole or grippers and can install each coil itself. Amounts screws flat head screws are of good quality. No complaints. a set of platforms that are easier to build on that work great with the rounded cable and fantasy.

Even with the large circular building too. very good taste and a double coil RDA better even with a single round wire. In general, a very good double coil Voopoo Too click in.

The hat is also locked in place, but completely closed in both positions. It would be great if it is locked in a fully open and fully closed operation, but not great. It’s easy to adjust the Defense Ministry, but can not compensate am. Very well done out there. O-ring top cover is good and easy to pop. It is so easy to install and repair your mod.

It comes with a standard resin tip drip 1,810 friction. 810 additional tips correspond to both friction and the O-ring. They also include 510 adapter so you can use almost all the ends of the drops in the GDR. I have included a supplement if, as is now the norm now include two drip tips GDR. Drip drop point perfectly in the GDR. comfortable, not loose, not tight. Pericles Voopoo a very good recommended daily dose. O-ring on the top cover to the base of the right shades and a hat is tight, but not tight. It is easy to disassemble easily. AFC easy to customize, simply adjust O-ring and all is well.

The juice is also a good size. Not huge, but big enough. very good protection drops Voopoo Drag get code protection. The decrease in airflow is high enough that this poses no problem when dripping or leaking squonking.

The only thing missing is to falls and additional clips. The coil is not marked, but disappointing and nose as he blew. integrated air had Claptons 3 mm ID with 5 laps of my predictions, but no label materials. Manufacturers should always include a metal tag complete specification used in the coil is included. The brand is very simple and good. Only a small voopoo the bottom of the upper part of each side between the two air flow holes in the lid. Well here and register with the color corresponding to not be too much on.

standard infusion cap 810 resin
gold plated pin and the pin 510 include standard Squonk
lot Replacement O-ring
The choice of color
cover screw quality rooms and Posts
Good protection Squonk
It works well as a dropper or squonker
The good taste
correct size and juice
Good build quality
hat do not miss
both easy to adjust AFC
Punta adapter 510
beautiful appearance, not too brand
building a platform is very good and easy to build
the price point (approximately USD 25)

So with all that said, I recommend the GDR? I do not like as hard or not, but it is very heavy other tips. Apart from the coil and the label missing tip and fall corset is nothing wrong with the vapeciga Voopoo PNP. It is definitely one of the best this year in a busy market.

It was Anthony fried keep only honest, I hope you can say the same thing and I’ll catch the next revision.

rejection of products
This product was sent to me Voopoo

Disclaimer comments
Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.

critical warning
I made a review from the end of 2016 freezer and has performed over 300 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be full at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are presented in my opinion.

You can buy here:voopoo

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Comment of Voopoo Drag Nano 2 Platinum Vinci 180w Mod Manual Pnp Coils

The vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Platinumis the last and so I know the first companies VAPE RTA popular Voopoo. He lost some popularity in recent times and in 2018 was only a year that was fine. Bit up and down with some setbacks as giant pandas and shoot 2, but made a very good mini-slip very good and very underrated Pericles RDA.

Manufacturer Specifications
base diameter of 26 mm
30mm at widest point
5 ml maximum juice
Top 304 stainless steel
Pyrex strengthening of the glass bulb
USER-Postless four terminal construction platform
Side-flat head warranty
single or double coil configuration
positive after isolated PEEK
wide discharge ports
control adjustable E-liquid
Airflow control slots Dual Top – 12 mm with 1.75 mm slot
High-filling of the screw
810 Bore width 9 mm Tip dropwise Resin
removable structure
Gold plated 510 Pine Center
Available in gold, black, red, stainless
Included in the box:
1 Rimfire RTA
1 replacement glass tubes
1 T-tool screwdriver
2 prefabricated coils
1 organic cotton
1 Unit bag
1 User manual
Photo album:

first impressions
When RTA must say I like the design. RTA unfamiliar with the flow of air above the trend in 2018 for extra protection against leaks, but unfortunately many of them were injured. So when I see the design of it, I think it might be a good choice, at least. Unfortunately it did not last long after my first building, but we’ll come back later.

Let us now build a platform. This is a fairly standard which is my favorite Voopoo Vinci X show new, but it also means you need to pre-cut your prospects. It is roughly the same platform or coil Kylin art construction wise witch V2 V2.

Mecha is very easy. The JFC (flow control juice) are rare these days, but very popular in the 2017 shaft hole large enough and can actually their stuff and will have to because of my disability would bring later. It is very difficult to assess the effectiveness of the tree, but because of a disability.

Regarding performance, the use as a double coil RTA as expected. You can build a single coil in this if for some reason anyway, but often short dual coil RTA on a single coil is not very good, so I do not know. I found two builds. 1 constructed luxury 3 mm in diameter and a unique design in round 4 mm ID. DTL and is quite spacious, maybe a bit limited compared to some, but DTL full spray. I will run, but frustrating to use very difficult to control. Even if it is brilliant performance. Not much air in several RTA as most single coil but used two rabbits die Zeus and Themis and was easily defeated 3 flavorwise.

Now, on disability, I talked to that I really killed Voopoo Too 180w Tc Box Mod get code. As many screws RTA separated into several pieces. All other RTA although the use of “righty tighty lefty loosey” mantra, ie clockwise to tighten. With Rimfire but there is a room in the middle of the reverse thread.

I there are many accessories that come with it, I found a drop friction drop in standard form 810 advanced resin (color varies with the color of choice, I have a red tip is a mixture of red and blue), but no adapter 510 or replacement tip. Droplets end of a good fit. Not too comfortable, but not too loose and you can use your own members and 810 510. It is a little disappointing, but not get the point of replacement or 510. vine adapter with 2 tanks, and once in the glass bubble tank. RTA itself is 26 mm at the base, but the 30 mm tank protuberances. Version PDT does not have a bubble tank just two regular tanks. Is a very good capacity of 5 ml. The Voopoo Rimfire RTA also includes many additional seal ring, after replacing 4 screws (all flat head headless), 1 tri tools and two coils 1 cotton mines entered. Coils is unfortunately not marked at all, so their ding. They merged air Claptons.

Vapeciga Voopoo Drag Manual good overall quality. AFC is very good and put it on top of the filling good, but some texture or knurling on the upper deck will be easier to open the lid. Screw after good quality too. Overall it was quite easy to remove, but unfortunately too easy to intermediate components that reverse threaded.

It comes with a standard resin tip drip 1,810 friction. 810 additional tips fit both in the form of friction and the O-ring. They also include an adapter 510 so you can use almost all the ends of the drops in the GDR. I would have included a supplement if, as is now the norm now include two drip tips GDR. Let drip tip perfectly in the GDR. comfortable, not loose, not tight. Quality Pericles Voopoo very good GDR. O-ring on the top cover to the base of the right shades and a hat is tight, but not tight. It is easy to disassemble easily. AFC easy to customize, simply adjust O-ring and all is well. The top of the lid is locked in place so it is easy to put on and remove mods. Screw after excellent quality and 4 parts including screws (2 long 2 short), the flat head screws. It comes with a standard 510-pin and 510-pin DDR BF as the majority today and both are gold plated.

The juice is also a good size. Not huge, but big enough. Squonk protection very good protection drops. The decrease in air flow is high enough that it does not pose a problem when dripping or leaking squonking. Just use a dropper currently working on a review of all mods Squonk but I put in the mod Squonk just to test very fast and worked well. As drip drip drip drip releasable until the end without removing the top cover.

The brand is very simple and good. Only a Voopoo Pnp Replacement Coils click in at the bottom of the top on each side between the two holes airflow lid. Well there and is recorded in the corresponding color to be not too out.

I received a nice bright red color. These 26 mm diameter RTA just standing with 5 ml glass bubble of 30mm so you should not neglect the most mods. 5 ml capacity is good for a double coil RTA, but not great. Remains fairly standard these days, but missed double coil RTA if the capacity of 7-8 ml. JFC and work when you open the tank lid when you try to use it. The brand is nice and simple. Only voopoo rimfire logo and logo on the visible through the glass, like most RTA

5 deposit bubbles included ml (only reservoirs bubbles)
many rings replacement gaskets and screws 4 after replacing
beautiful soft AFC
single screw above the design filling
easy to pin / Construction
5 ml capacity with good bubble tank
a good sense of RTAs in the airflow
colors (4 in total)
Reverse threaded central section
strong air flow and non-current
one end of the fall and no adapter
Including coils was not clearly labeled
not wrap cup lead
So with all that said, I recommend the RTA? I do, I will not like hard or not be heavy leaning towards not. It is also a pity, but as a major design flaw RTA died for me. Beyond that it is the best performance in the airflow RTA I’v used, but the journey is too great to ignore a failure. I will not add to my CV RECs link below.

You can buy here: Voopoo Drag Nano

sourcemore thanks


According to Russian media vapacige, biologists published an article in the Journal of Endodontics and concluded that smoking not only increases the risk of lung cancer, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but also significantly reduces human immunity.

Research found: Smoking reduces human immunity

According to a report by RIA Novosti on September 26, Anita of Case-Western Reservation University in Cleveland? Amino Sharia said: “This can explain why many smokers have dental caries and other oral diseases, and why their gums heal more slowly than non-smokers OBS Cube. TNF-α and hBD-2 proteins act as the last line of defense. Smoking caused them to be’killed’ before they joined the battle.”

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, there are approximately 1.1 billion smokers worldwide. Most of them live in developing and transitional countries. The latest research by British medical scientists shows that about 60% of smokers die prematurely because they are addicted to tobacco Timesvape Dreamer, not other reasons.

According to the report, in recent years, scientists have begun to notice that smoking significantly accelerates aging and hearing loss. This forces scientists to study more closely the various side effects associated with passive and active smoking.

When Amino Saria and colleagues studied how cigarette smoke affects dental pulp and other dental tissues, they also discovered an unexpected adverse effect vape atomizers. To this end, scientists recruited 70 volunteers who had dental caries but were not treated and invited them to be treated at the University Clinic of Case-Western Reservation.

According to reports, half of the volunteers smoked, and the rest never smoked. When the dentist removes the nerve, the biologist collects samples of healthy and damaged dental pulp and analyzes what hormones and proteins the dental tissue contains ijoy wand kit.

Amino Sharia said: “At first we expected to see differences in the level of specific signal substances related to immunity, and smokers will have lower levels than others. To our surprise apv mod, these’defense’ molecules are not simply reduced, but It’s not there at all in the pulp.”

According to reports, for example, there is almost no TNF-α protein molecule in the tooth tissue of a smoker, which is one of the most important substances that stimulate the activity of immune cells wicking for clouds, responsible for releasing inflammation and turning the immune system into an “emergency state mechanism.” Similarly, there are very few other two signaling molecules in the teeth of smokers-β-defensin 2 and β-defensin 3, which are responsible for fighting microorganisms.

Scientists point out that this difference can be used to explain why smokers are twice as likely to suffer from severe pulpitis that requires nerve removal and various gum diseases SXK Nibiru Style RTA. Amino Sharia and colleagues believe that the activity of the immune system in other tissues and organs is also reduced in a similar way.

Comment is voopoo Coils Drag 2 Mini Vinci RBA Too Software Pnp Pod Kit


Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Kit recently stepped up a gear and range of ARGUS reached their hair look very different from their products before, had DRAG, but not too interested in it than in the brand, also have a kit Alpha ZIP I like the look, but not too interested in the coil, which pays little attention to VooPoo since, but ARGUS GT really caught my attention, so when Sourcemore kits offered for review, I jumped at the chance.

When I opened the package to find a box of tangled, I was not too impressed, but it was gone as soon as I saw the cold inside the main housing, which can only be impressed by summer full kit VooPoo Argus GT, little things like that should not matter, but for me, I want to keep my box and remember always better, lacking any spray (not the last time I heard this name Argus GT), which lost in space with this case charges a clip of plastic.


Argus package GT kit comes with:
• Device 1 x Argus GT
• PnP Tank Platform 1 x 4.5 ml
• 1 x 0.2ohm PnP-VM5
• 1 x 0.15ohm PnP-VM6
• 1 x Cable Type C
• 1 x Manual

• Size: 51.3 x 26.1 x 132.1mm
Mod • Material: Leather + Zinc Alloy
• Battery: Double 18650 (not included)
• Max output: 160W
• Output voltage: 6.4-8.4V
• Resistance: 0.1-3.0Ω
• Pod tank Material: stainless steel + PCTG
• E-Juice capacity: 4.5ml
• Coil: 0.2Ω (PnP-VM5) 0.15Ω (PnP-VM6)
• Color: Vintage gray, dark blue, red, black, carbon fiber, Blue

main spec is exceptionally large; It is very compact, so 18650 dual function, have not found a bit crowded, it was the first time that you have on hand, you will appreciate the compact.

• Compact, lightweight and durable
• 18650 powered by dual battery with a maximum power of 160W
• Equipped with 510 bases and Pod PnP convertible tank
• Compatible with all PnP coils
• Controlled by Chip GENE.TT
• Provides intelligent functions such as smart and TC
• Adopt an innovative air
• To support the kind of quick charge C
• Equipped with two special coils: PNP-VM5 0.2Ω and PnP-VM6 0.15Ω
• high filling tank pod with PnP design background
• 8 Protection of safety: protection of overtime, protection against short circuits against overload, output protection against overvoltage, discharge protection, protection against overheating, reverse battery protection, balancing charging the other battery brand

Some commentators have compared the product style vaporizer missing, is not a bad thing as it is, there are similarities with Therion, but not enough to be something like cloning, Voopoo Too Coils get code has created something of a dowdy and I managed to get in one regular compact chassis.

First impression
this beauty seems in fact, I had high expectations of the mod as he was on his way too often left me a bit disappointed when you get your hands on this, this is not the case for Argus GT, a little and feels much better real life, I’m really happy to break with this view.

As I mentioned earlier; size is the first thing you notice in the box, but the weight really jump, is very light, weighing 103g without batteries or tanks, 5g lighter than the lightest 18650 GEN my double.

The ergonomics and appearance
As you can see from the pictures; They sent me an option that comes with a coat style dark blue cloth Denim, pending jeans leather texture, but undefiled; denim jacket looks like, but you can tell it was something more durable and have little time for dirty, focus sewing sewing the right to feel good.

Branding is not bad at all, the name ARGUS soft curved edges and main winch is beautiful, leader VOOPOO, but not as bad as the mods DRAG, genes chipset logo is a bit pointless, but I try view the model without it and I think they are right to appeal, you must also remember how mod point is put into perspective the size of the brand.

The above requirements fairly accurate despite two things; airflow to enter the result of the output of the tank and 160 watts maximum, now I have no way to check exactly, but I was more credible criticism DJLSB has all the equipment watt test YouTube, etc and found that could not be reached some 160 watts, which is important for most Voopoo Vinci RBA Show new most do not exceed 100 watts and coils whose lower rated at 80 watts, this statement does not bother me in the least, but if you really need 160 watts will be better than the video DJLSB check before buying.

PnP tank
Instead of the mod, I do not really like the look of the tank to the pictures I’ve seen, so I’m sure it’s not, that’s how they differ for me to do so I’m quite surprised that I ended up really liking the simplicity and innovation.

Sheath / tank ????
As for me is the clear storage reel, but innovation in the way that is mounted and connected, is essentially of 3 parts; 510 base base magnet, and the coil fills the reservoir.

There is only one complaint I have, and what really has nothing to do with the tank itself, the best thing is to ask what Voopoo Drag Software click in “Adopting innovative air flow infinity” eeeerm …. only! nothing innovative or indefinite it essentially a ring airflow must not stop and there are two air gap we saw in the last hundreds of tanks, more niggle.

For the best part, I’m in full operation on my main opinion, but all you need to know at this stage initiated coils, fill the tank and the tank bottom and the top ball in the intelligent mode.

my previous doubts about the PnP tank blown immediately with a first spray 0.15Ω coil watt 65W Smart Auto flavor burst with a nice soft jet of hot air flows directly out without annoying noise I tried both tanks and carob which rarely will come a time “Whoa,” so I was surprised by how Argus GT to the taste lived up better than II tried and all mod friendliness and comfort tank just brings a smile to my face from the first moment Argus GT jumped at my best in 2020.

Vapeciga Voopoo Pnp Pod Kit wine kits crack and manages to offer something new to the market and back to get to the heart of vaping with combo Mod / tank Traditionally, yes tank has a “pod” element, but there is no way I would classify this as Pod kit, do not see much innovation in the mod itself, but who cares when you end up with something that looks and feels so good.

• Although Purdy.
• Compact and lightweight.
• Value for money.
• PnP tank works well.
• The taste is exceptional.
• ergonomic.
• class looks and feels.
• Double pocket friendly mod 18650.
• That no piece of shit!

• The submission forms can be an unpleasant experience for some.
• step ensures VAPE more can cause irritation.
• Words Poo “on it.

Final considerations and evaluations
The disadvantages are very small and are not close to a deal breaker, the tank is a better Punt, but how you feel looked in the pictures and even if the end not post your tank stays with an appearance model impressive double-18650, for the price I doubt anyone will feel cheated, cheap if you have ever seen.
(I almost managed to complete the review without talking about “shit”)

You can buy here: Voopoo Coils

sourcemore thanks

Comment about Voopoo X217 Drag 2 Mini Vinci TC Mod 217W Pnp Coils

Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 Mini. A cross between Vinci and slides sheath system. Would it be a winning combination or a failure? Let’s see.

This product was delivered to Voopoo kind of generosity in order to stand the test side.
Other thoughts you find below are my own and are not affected by the fact that this talent.
Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helps fund the spray site Make ‘N’.

Mod Pod Navi Voopoo, the aesthetic is a combination of several drag Voopoo and Navi Pod. With a new pod system air flow design. Navi can surpass its predecessor? Or go back to the internal battery if 1500m mAh battery, to be his downfall. This test helps to deepen and discover.

The contents of the box
Standard packaging TPD TPD
Device 1x Navi
Pod Navi 1x 3.8ml
PnP-VM3 1x 0.45 Ω
PnP-VM4 1x 0.6 Ω
1x Warranty Card
Gen smartcard
1x USB cable
1x user manual

Packaging for Pod Voopoo Navi Mod continues with the usual intelligent design Voopoo. In addition to the front of the outer sleeve is a logo and Navi two Voopoo Mod Pod. In addition to photos Mod Pod Navi is finished laminate. But the image itself is of very low quality.

Second, there is a VOOPOO X217 TC Mod 217W get code automatic and P. Sea to be good vaped pressing the shutter button or simply inhale. In addition, you can start vaping pressing the shutter button and let go of the shutter button. Meanwhile Mod Pod Navi continue cooking as long as breathing, until the timeout 10 seconds is drawn.

Finally, there is the automatic mode, through which vaped active Navi and no shutter button. Instead Navi pulled by the user inhales.

In addition, other functions Marmite vaping, counter function of respiration. Daily records were kept for the past 14 days and access to data is by holding and down keys simultaneously to display the options.

pre-installed firmware is the RBA mode, ready for those who will benefit from the adapter Mod Pod Navi RBA.

Standard Mode

Apart from this style vaping Voopoo Navi Mod Pod has a variable power control started 5-40 watts. While the top and bottom buttons allow you to choose the desired output. Whether you use the Navi Mod Pod Voopoo as RBA or standard mode, the effect is the same.

Obviously Voopoo Vinci Coils click in took elements of both ranges and drag Voopoo Vinci Pod and form a thin, smooth design. Fascia screen load da Vinci, while the Mod contains both the resin on the side and angled design Voopoo range of drag. design rather large manufacturing in general. But many will not be a fan of returning capital letters appear on the side, nodding to Voopoo alignment slide.

While the device is much smaller than the line Navi Vinci was able to continue in terms of the quality and durability of construction for zinc alloy body. force completed in the case of a fingerprint magnet Vinci driveway and replaced with a matte coating metal weapons.

Color TFT screen of 0.96 “is still fresh and bright screen while watching various Vinci. In addition, key dislocation is still very sensitive. While powered by a 1500 mAh battery, at least in theory be a good battery.

Mod Pod Voopoo Navi is 96 mm high, a simple 18 mm width 33 mm depth from front to back.

Navi pod

When it comes to the gondola was no significant difference in the design. From far above the range of Vinci sleek design and e-lane maximum yield of 3.8 ml liquid sheath can follow PDT. Also fill seal seems easier to handle and your fingers under the brand easier to recharge.

Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 157W is a simple, quick question. Remove the sheath mod before. Cartwheels and accompanies replenishment opening hole with a good sized hole filling process is quick and easy. However, as the pods are on the dark side, it can be difficult to see the level of juice in the car, except in bright places.

Importantly, while the joints to the liquid-filling and is located in a hidden reservoir. However, this is not a problem with the drain and dry off cap.


Navi Voopoo I Mod Pod is where things start to get a little interesting. Designed with three airflow holes, it can not be controlled. Open to the adjustable air transmission input before all the way to smooth the air flow and plentiful. Perfect for e-liquid slightly more than the air flow like caramel.

In addition, when you close the airflow is even sweeter, while generating hot vape. You can also see and feel the restrictions of steam. But with this e-liquid in particular to give more in the direction of the field. With fruit coming out very well.

third additional air intake appears to help keep the cold coil, especially the air flow before closing, without which it would be too hot for many people. Prevent dry hit. Moreover, it is logical that the addition of a third air inlet, helps to keep slightly saturated coils. In fact, if a whirlwind spiral is created if, in theory, might attract a little more liquid to the coil. Although this does not solve quite capable of chain vape in some rolls, it helps when vaping around 30-35 W.

In the absence of leaks Voopoo Pnp Coils show new report has only one real criticism. Besides pods opacity. black beans being reconstructed and the test level e-liquid hard work, especially in an environment low illumination environment. In addition, you can often find yourself looking back the light source to confirm the amount or lack of liquidity mail pods.

Navi flavor Voopoo Mod Pod fact go beyond the line of Vinci (except, perhaps, the RBA departing available). This is probably for the manufacture of a mechanical mechanism for controlling the airflow. In addition, it appears a third air intake to enhance the flavor profile of the coil, allowing limited vaporizer with a sense of more, ensuring the coil VAPE and not too hot.

Although not everyone will agree with me that I was good to see the return of automatic spray, I appreciate and use each vaporizer. However, it was slightly delayed compared to Vinci Mod Pod.

Please thank our sponsors of this review of the product by clicking on the link and visit your website

You can buy here: Voopoo X217

dovpo mod m vv squonk basium vape nickel 230w topside review

Hello everyone and welcome to a new examination. This is Dave pizza and today I’m on the superstructure Vapeciga squonk mod. This is the last device Dovpo and simultaneously with the SQ and Odin superstructure also released. Needless to say there was not much to be pumped at the same time. This device is only 21700, mod Squonk similar to DO Topside, but with an additional touch. First, because the body often plastic, which is much lighter. Second, one bottle Squonk partially covered almost half the size of the mod, and went out completely for battery installation. Finally, half can be kept at the margin, and closing takes place, makes it a unique style of its kind mod 21700. Sooooo yeah, very interesting, and if I’m honest, I think it’s a real stupid idea when I saw leave. Let’s see if I still feel the same way!


WARNING: This unit Dovpo sent me for review.




Top 1 mod Lite

1 Description RDA

1 Tri-tool

bag 1 parts

Battery protection

replacement air Squonk (later)

Micro USB cable



Measurements: 97.5mm x 58mm x 28.2mm

Battery: Individual 21700, 20700, 18650 or w / adapter

Power range: 5-90w

Capacity: 10 ml bottle Squonk

Other Features: From top to fill the bottle.




As I said in the introduction, I’m not really this with high expectations. Surprisingly, I think there’s a little more about these really nice. The lighter weight is the first thing that jumps over the original. It is much easier to pocket as his pants down is not sinking like going to OG. The next thing is obvious that almost half mod looks immediately for battery insertion or complete elimination. He stands enough magnetic and solid. Has an amount that satisfies the magnetic tension and have no worries about jumping during normal use. Of course, if it falls, it will fly, but they just do not drop it. The last major change was the best replenishment. This time, has a screw cap with O-ring, it is more like the top of the tank instead of a previous model with spring loaded thingy with two spark plugs. the opening is not large, but poses no problem refills. Ergonomics is about the same as the top of the battery alone is not a problem. So yes, it is short dovpo m vv




Lite chipset on the superstructure is the same as that comes on top of Ganda. Having said that, I copy and paste my operational area of ​​dual control.


combined Button


five fires click button turns on and off. Three click the lock button is activated by the fire button. A Pressing the button below and to the same time to lock and unlock the setting. When the TC mode, press the shutter button and the button lets you adjust the watts of heat. A press the button and the shooting down button next enter the menu system.




The menu system is not full-blown or what, but had several surgeries and various options. information.

Supply Mode

voltage mode




TC-matched TCR

bypass mode

Statistics – shows the number of inhalations taken and the total time of the vaping device.



That’s it. I wish there was a little more than one offer on the menu. It would be preferable to set the screen brightness and screen timeout, but maintained the grounds that the original.




As for the actual usage goes, fry the superstructure is quite similar to the original. Watt mode, which performs exactly as I thought it would. Yes pressing the button, the timely ramps and provides a high power to the atomizer. I can run mine 80W variant with double coil and do not have a problem with the way they are paired (besides the battery life). Litte small tests were carried out on TC and approximately equal to the top of Ganda, but this is not surprising because the plate has the same. I, being a machine-watt steam does not bother me, but it would be a deal breaker for some of my readers. As for the overall design, I have a big problem with what they are doing here. black transparent colored plastic is a magnet in the beginning, and if you went in and out of the abrasive pocket, showing scratches. bottle covers all alternative accommodation for a decent price, so there is less than. The bottle itself can be removed for cleaning if necessary, and type in the same way that the sliding of the top of the housing. Removing a few screws, dismantle and remove. This is not a terrible thing to do, but I washed all mine with plastic again. mod, if you choose to do so can be adjusted from the battery. All you have to do is pop Squonk part out, take show new basium vape and unscrew things. After released, the cover is held in place magnetic. Boom, done that, and this is the thin battery, large, comfortable single mod 21700.




I just want to take a look at the recommended daily dose. Yes, this is basically a decrease V2. The bridge is the same, but the airflow is slightly modified. Instead of a T shape on the side thereof only it has two vertical rows, which are adjustable by row from the top in an odd mode bits. In the shut down, the top can be one or two holes. Continue to rotate and the second line may be close down hole one at a time as well. Continue turning and both the 3rd and 4th near a hole at a time. Continue left and all holes are blocked, and the bottom row, but the top three have opened the right side. Yes, if you have really limited the vaporizer is not terrible, but it’s just a funny little farm. I found me outside the top line. The only other thing that is a little different from the RDA is the pin. There is an integrated on the shaft roof, can be unscrewed the top opening squonking, press down, and now is a regular issuer. It works quite well, with a limited flow of liquid during squonking, but is a part least not lose sight.


I really do not need to go into details about the construction platform, but it’s not much easier to build and drilling. It has plenty of space for fleshy rolls, and are not difficult to install. Mecha is also easy, as long as they are left just a little story to continue with the power that is pumped through them. They worked in the fall and working in the variant.


So with these few changes, how vape? In short, very good fried. The airflow is nice and soft and the taste is there. RDA is very good, I really appreciate. The little thing pin Squonk / no Squonk is not my jam, because I do not like how it restricts squonking a bit, but is functional and type of cleaning. One thing that is a professional and cheap, is the drip tip. It is a conical shape, and very comfortable on my lips, and also looks good start.


It is a good recommended daily dose, even if it sells itself, but is a good addition to this kit.




So I like or hate Topside Lite kit? Out of the box, with the GDR, it is a great vaping experience for those who want to try dovpo nickel 230w mod click in. mod looks decent, but do not color plastic really crazy once it is scratched or dirty, but I think it’s more about function over fashion. I would like to see a more authentic, but it has a cost, and this weight. It is much lighter, so it is easier to carry around and put it in his pocket. It is the most visible aspect during use, and makes sense, since it is in the name. The proportion of Squonk released, I think it is actually quite clean. Let’s say someone thinks they want to start squonking but are not sure. If they decide they do not like that, they can pop bottles and decent mod, elegant 21700 and discard the tank or above average. Or, if you do not have a big budget, two modifications get one with it. Of course, you still can run the tank Squonk mod, but that kind of defeats the purpose, and gives you the option to go without additional volume. I do not like the burden of most of this mod cap, but it works, and well. I’ve never had a problem with a leak, or squonking with this, it is also Pro. Variant I gush over a bit, so I think I know where I am in it. This is a good RDA increase the value of what you get in this kit. That’s a total package squonking for someone who wants to try squonking or just a light superstructures to your collection. For me, I have to survive him as squonker up. Is lightweight, functional, has 21,700 batteries, and a capacity of 10 ml of the same great, but only lighter. Turns out it was not a total failure and I began to develop love more than I use.


TEST FOUR – If you accidentally falls into the pizza oven, I’ll get another? I think I really could.



light body

Dual use – or Squonk Squonk

no leak

Easy to fill

Good for vaping watts

21700 battery compatibility

capacity 10 ml

Bright, easy to read screen

clicky button



TC performance is not good

He showed grab bottles of housing, fingerprints and other marks

I do not like the stopper in the bottle as well as other superstructures


Thank you all and thank you for sending Vapeciga topside

my appearance. I saw it online for about $ 75-80 for the kit, and $ 40-50 for any mod.


Dave pizza – provides real criticism without additional ingredients


Review Criteria: I use all elements for about two weeks I have collected enough data to write critical enough. I use the same e liquid in the tank or RDA through all my critical to ensuring that compare apples to apples among all modern appliances. I put a notice until I am convinced that I have used enough to give an educated critic. The reason I started doing because critical of poor decisions in my time buying vaping there are about two years. At that time, I bought a few different pieces of hardware without really enjoyed it and hope people spend their hard earned money so smarter than me! **** Please note that some items I can get preliminary version and not the retail packaging. The quality may be less than the finished product and what is in the package could be different from the packaging and retail.



You can buy here: dovpo mod


The comment with smok vape nord 2 RPM80 Pro mag trinity alpha Nfix 25W

smok nord 2 water resistant, shock, 18650 mod with TFV9 tank. Let deepen this comment Smok SCAR-18 and TFV9 and more.

While the vast method SCAR-P5 Smok lock with the launch of push and close the door easily. But Smok SCAR-18 covers only crisis without batteries inserted. Moreover, once the battery in the SCAR-18, the battery door was very difficult to close. The important thing is that no shot at the battery accordingly. Maybe I was not possible with the review sample, we will wait.

510 connector
Images connector 510 Smok SCAR-18
Probably SCAR Smok-18 28mm TFV9 right place. HOST but also a tank of 30 mm without spilling. Importance 510 Pine Center offers a good level of rigidity. Although the two cutting son is smooth and silky. This gives some confidence in the long-term use. In addition, the center pin seemed to cast about 2-3 mm, which is good to see.

Smok TFV9
Smok Photo TFV9 network
First embarrassing red coat on Smok TFV9 is not nearly mod, and are visually very visible. Also, if you do not care to close the lid, paint thinner and varnish can be removed completely.

smok trinity alpha sealing cap damage. They must stand so close.

Important precautions to be taken when the top cover is conducted in the closed position. It must also be raised when closed to prevent damage and remove paint.

TC mode photography at Smok SCAR-18
Time offers no style vaping watt sound mode, Smok SCAR-18 is also equipped with temperature control. In addition to fast and easy access to adjust ohm nominal coil, power and TCR values ​​when the TC mode.

In addition to the strength of the SCAR-18 is to use 5 Click the shutter button. Furthermore, the 3-click mode is vape with the breath counter at the end of the selection. For now, the fire and the same time Watts lock release button. But for those who want to change the color of the screen, hold down the shutter button and up.

VW – Watt Variable
Watts set may be limited to allow fine adjustment of the vaporizer experience. Especially with Smok SCAR-18 and control buttons allow the addition of 1W adjustment. Perfect for the coil output power good balance and personal preferences.

Ni TC / TC Ti / SS
After the metal coil helix been to adjust the temperature around the top and bottom buttons. However coils ohm (Ω) rating, strength and TCR values ​​can be adjusted by clicking the shutter button three times. Followed by pressing the shutter button to move to the desired option and then use the up and down arrow keys to adjust.

Similar to the RPM80 Pro is not present in the front edge of the plastic fairing. Furthermore, the design is very neat and key sounds are both sensitive and well positioned for easy use. In addition, the design of the LCD screen is nice and clean. But people with impaired vision may have difficulty with smaller readings. However, none of the usual color theme options to divert attention from the arrangement, which is great to see.


Although usually not the sharpest LCD Smok, the SCAR-18 LCD screen looks sharper. Of course, this makes the small screen a little easier. But in a review sample of glue residue include LCD. While this is slowly emerging, yet it is unlikely to receive the MOD with adhesive covering the screen.


perhaps there will be many disappointed by the absence of C-fast charging USB connection. However, it is always preferable battery charger 18650 is primarily responsible for making the foreground.

This product has been delivered to Smok kind of generosity for the purpose of impartial examination. Other thoughts you will find below are mine and are not affected by the fact that this gifted as an examination of the sample.

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helps fund the vaporizer site Make ‘N’.

Undoubtedly the appearance of the vaporizer device and the style is subjective for me Smok SCAR-18 with a kit TFV9 coil storage tank is good research. While the SCAR-battery 18 is powered by a dual 18650 and driven by the chipset IQ-X. IP67 is also resistant to water and dust, and also according Smok shock. Other features TFV9 Smok capacity 6.5ml e-liquid and a new look. But it is Smok SCAR-18 and TFV9 without any problems? Let’s take a close look Smok comment SCAR-18 and TFV9.

The contents of the box
Here is a brief summary of what you can expect to see included with Smok SCAR-18 and TFV9 kit.

Smok SCAR-18
1x Smok SCAR-18 Mod
Smok TFV9 1x 6.5 ml (2 ml TPD)
Maille V9 2x 0.15Ω Coils
1x replacement glass bubbles (TPD hetero)
1x Micro USB Type B
1x user manual
Distinctive packaging laminate Smok forward with color options for photographs Smok SCAR-18 and TFV9. In addition to the content of the characteristics of the case, the main features and Auditor authenticity. While back in the function of normal health warning.

The important thing is that there are two different dimensions to smok mag. In addition to the standard version has a diameter of 28 mm and a height of 56 mm. While the release TPD has a diameter of 25.5 mm and high 50 mm.



TC mode photography in Smok SCAR-18

A time offering no noise watt mode vaping style, Smok SCAR-18 is also equipped with a temperature control. In addition to a quick and easy access to adjust the nominal ohm coil, power and TCR values ​​when the TC mode.

Although not normally a sharp LCD Smok, SCAR-18 LCD screens look sharper. Of course, this makes a tiny little screen more easily. But in the glue residue sample of reviews, including LCD. While this is slowly emerging, but it is not possible to accept the MOD with an adhesive covering the screen.

maybe there will be a lot of disappointed by the absence of the C-rapid charging USB connection. However, always over 18,650 battery chargers are primarily responsible for making the foreground.

While the major method SCAR-P5 Smok lock with the launch of push and close the door with ease. But Smok SCAR-18 only bring fit without the battery inserted. In addition, after the battery in the SCAR-18, the battery door was very difficult to close. What is important is that there is no blow to the appropriate battery. Maybe I was not possible with the review sample, we will wait.

SMOK Nfix Kit 25W obviously SCAR-18 and TFV9 both had a little niggle with everyone. Furthermore TFV9 suffer coil to be difficult to remove during roll changing. Furthermore TFV9 suffer from intermittent floods and leak V9 mesh coil after coil receives over 250 inhalations. The important thing the rigidity close the battery compartment of Smok-18 SCAR uncomfortable. However, this can only ask SCAR-18 I received for review.

Low battery (Overvoltage protection) – block-level battery has dropped to a point of no return.

Ohm too low – cut Security.

Ohm is too high – security court.

Brief atomize – cutting up, the coil can be blown.

PCBA too hot – high temperature protection, both the protection of the electronic card and battery.

Timeout 8s – Protects against accidental firing continued.

Although there is no specified protection for USB. However, it would be reasonable to assume that there is some level of protection.



Smok SCAR-18 Specification 54 * 30.6 * 88mm

Dimensions 30.6mm (W) x 54mm (D) x 88mm (T)

output power range 1W – 230W (VW) / 10 – 230W (TC)

output voltage 0.5 – 8.0V (unselected)

battery type and quantity 2x 18650

Material Mod frame – zinc alloy, rubber coating?

0.10- 2.50Ω resistance range (VW) / 0.05 – 2.00Ω (TC)

Temperature range 100 ℃ – 315 ℃ / 200 ℉ – 600 ℉

183.5g weight

Smok specifications TFV9

dimensions 6.5 ml of 28 mm (diameter) x 56 mm (height)

Dimensions (TPD) 25.5 mm (diameter) x 50 mm (height)

stainless steel wood, silicone seal.

Weight 62 g / 65 g (TPD)

While Smok SCAR-18 received had a problem with the door of the battery compartment too rigid. However, it is possible that this is a stop and if it passes Smok SCAR-18 is a mod. More pleasing to the touch and feels good in the hand. In addition, it is easy to use in general manufacturing SCAR-18 mod will continue to use. Although the coil leakage V9 mesh 0.15Ω, the taste is good and good products and soft vape. How important the problem was probably caused by a leak coil and should be treated by Smok.




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