AEGIS Boost Vaporizer – Why Has the AEGIS Boost Been redesigned?

The newest member of the Vandy Vapor series, the Geekvape AGGis Boost combines style and durability in a bottle. Constructed of durable stainless steel, the AGGi Boost bottle features a leak-proof cap for an easy release of your juice. The AGGi Boost does not have a lot of juice capacity but does have the biggest bang for its buck. The Geekvape AGGi Boost retails for around twenty dollars new or around ten dollars used. The Geekvape AGGis Boost has a powerful cooler and a preinstalled digital sub-computer. The vaporizer can be used on normal or large wattage cigarettes.

aegis boost

The Geekvape Aegis Boost features a user-friendly, double-dome glass carafe. The Aegis Boost contains two separate power pods. One pod holds a full blast of flavor while the other acts as a drippy cup. The AGGi Boost allows you to change your power modes from a warm, medium, or strong flavor. The mod has an easy-to-use digital menu and is a compact mod that does not take up a lot of room in your drawers.

The geekvape aegis boost kit comes complete with a tank, two batteries, a stainless steel sleeve, a preinstalled digital computer, a replacement glass jar, replacement screws, a clock, an o-ring, a battery case, and a bonus glass document holder. With the tank and batteries included in the kit, the total package weight is about two and a half pounds. The included clock tells when your mod is ready to be used and when it is time to replace the batteries in it. This clocks in at under three ounces.

The aegis boost kit is compatible with the popular grapefruit flavor of atta. The main difference is that the grapefruit flavor can extend to three weeks with the aegis boost and about one week with the original aegis mod. This extending shelf life makes the aegis boost a very desirable mod for people looking for a power boost. It is also popular for those who like a little more than the standard aegis mod and who want to try something a little out of the ordinary. The battery life in the jackaroo pod kit is much longer than the original data. The increased battery life will allow you to use the aegis boost for a week or more before having to recharge.

The internal battery pack for the aegis boost does not have the same precision as the original data modd. The adjustment buttons on the actual amp can sometimes be hard to turn, especially when you are using the turbo button. The increase in wattage means that you do have to turn the adjustment buttons. If you are not careful and do not know which button to use the turbo button on, you could end up burning out the amp. The new jackaroo pod mod has a very precise adjustment mechanism and there is no danger of burning out the amps.

One of the most annoying aspects of the original AEGIS system was the coil resistance. In an effort to combat coil resistance the manufactures made some changes that make it less likely that the oil will catch fire or overheat. However, the increase in wattage changed how resistance worked. The increase in wattage also increased the chances of the coil contacting the glass when it was heated. This can cause a breakage of the device and damage it.

The new AEGIS Boost does a better job of combating coil related issues. The heat sink, which sits behind the battery allows the heat to reach the coils without breaking them. The new unit also has a much longer wire than the original AEGIS Boost. This wire is also able to cover more coils making the system much safer. The overall quality of the unit has been improved a great deal. It now has a smaller surface to allow for the wires to lie flat against the body which greatly increases battery life.

The final major change in the AEGIS Boost comes in the form of the pod style vaporizer. The unit now comes in two flavors, smoothie and chocolate. The pod style allows for a lot more control over the temperature of the vaporizer. The smoothie flavor tastes like a mixture of fruit and chocolate. While the chocolate flavor tastes much like a traditional dessert mix.

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