AEGIS Boost Review – A Great Vaping Product Or Just a Hype?

GeekVape Aegis Boost Kit is made for the new generation of electronic cigarette users who want to experience the sweet and cool flavor of a well-known vapor product. It comes with a detailed list of what’s in the kit. The kit is reasonably priced and comes with its own user manual. With an Aegis Boost Kit, you can experience the wonderful taste of a traditional e-liquid.

aegis boost

In this review, I will be showing off the inner working of the Aegis Boost. The first thing that you might notice about the Aegis Boost is its unique and adjustable airflow control. This is done by pushing a single button. When the button is pressed, it will automatically adjust its airflow according to the current temperature of your room. This is a very nice feature and one of the main reasons why it is considered an outstanding vaporizer.

This vaporizer also has a unique and helpful self-cleaning feature. I am a fan of pod style vaporizers but not the one that the Aegis Boost uses. The problem with pod style vaporizers is that they are very messy and require a lot of cleaning after every use. I was really irritated by this feature of the aegis boost. The jackaroo mod actually cleaned up nicely when used in a dishwasher.

The actual design of the gadget is very sleek and attractive. It looks like a modern futuristic phone that is futuristic and trendy. The front part of the Aegis Boost looks like a futuristic flip phone. In the center of the front is a slot for the USB port. The Aegis Boost also comes with two adjustment buttons. The left button is for the power and the right one is for the DPI adjustments.

Some other things I liked about this e vapizer are that the kit comes with the Aegis Drip Tips, the Aegis Adjustable DPI Gauge, and the pod jackaroo kit. The Drip Tips is removable and can be replaced with other styles. They are very easy to remove and replace. The adjustable dpi gauge allows you to use this vaporizer at different settings. You can choose from portrait mode, landscape mode, or any other setting you want.

The chipset on the AEGIS Boost is pretty cool as well. It comes with abletronic chipset that has a high wattage output of 1500mah. This is the same chip used in the RDA-X and RDA-L. The chipset also allows the device to run on a single charge. This is an extremely useful feature, especially if you are going to be using the AEGIS Boost at work or at home.

The ability to use the device while it is set on fire or on a flat surface is a huge plus. If you like to use your vaporizer only while the box is smoking then this is a no brainer. But for the ultimate experience, you should be able to set the AEGIS Boost on a flat surface and use it while it is vaping. That way you are completely sure that the temperature will stay constant. I always hate trying to vaper with a device that has a constantly changing temp.

The AEGIS Boost comes with a five.5 ml e-juice Capacity bottle. This is the same size as the original AEGIS Boost Pod. If you want to make multiple flavors at once then you can. The pod works perfectly fine producing one flavor at a time. If you want to create a massive amount of flavors though than the five.5 ml e-juice capacity is not enough.

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