AEGIS Boost – Portable and Affordable

aegis boost

The aegis boost Pro is a new and improved vaporizer that allows you to enjoy constant vapor production from your favorite herbal blends. This is a desktop vaping system that features a variable voltage that is pre-programmed to give you the exact amount of vapor per minute and it has an adjustable airflow control that lets you control how much air is drawn into the device. The geekvape aegis boost Pro is extremely compact and features a comfortable and sleek feel in combination with a stylish and decorative exterior body. The internal rechargeable lithium ion battery offers multiple functions and can be configured to deliver regulated airflow, up to a continuous output of 10 watts or regulated airflow only, up to a full charge time of 1500 hours, or a trickle charge time of sixty minutes. The internal battery is also capable of working while the device is turned on, or even while it is off.

The geekvape aegis boost also features an adjustable airflow control which allows you to adjust the amount of vapor produced. The internal unit features a single replaceable eighteen-volt battery and a variable voltage system which allow you to control how much power is delivered to the unit. This allows you to choose between a high output power mode, which produces large clouds, or a low output power mode, which will produce small clouds. You also have the ability to control the temperature of the vapor with the variable airflow control. Each time you activate the vaporizer, it will monitor the current temperature of the air around it and adjust the airflow speed and power accordingly.

The design of this particular vaporizer is especially well thought out. The aegis boost produces a very intense vapor that has a pleasant taste to it. The outer body of the unit has a cooling fin like structure that helps to keep the air inside the container cool and fresh. The cooling fin works by allowing the warm air produced by the AEGIS Boost from being pulled away from the batteries, and forcing it to stay close to the batteries, which in turn allows for a long lasting charging time of the AEGIS Boost.

One of the most unique features of the aegis boost is its adjustable airflow dial. This dial allows you to change the strength of the airflow, which in turn, allows you to change the flavor of your clouds. With a strong fan, you can get a stronger aroma from your favorite fruits, while a weaker fan produces more subtle tastes. The AEGIS Boost has two Firmness Settings which can be customized to your personal preferences.

In addition to the many great features, the aegis boost also has an awesome look. Its body is sleek and stylish with two buttons that are on the side. On the side of these buttons are two adjustment buttons as well. The first adjustment button controls the power of the fan, while the second adjusts the power of the air flow. The side buttons are great for taking someone along with you when you want to have fun doing it the aegis boost’s way!

The AEGIS Boost comes with a pod, which is a handy carrying case for the unit. This pod holds the AEGIS Boost where it can be conveniently stored when not in use. The pod is adjustable, which makes it easier to fit into a bag or backpack. The pod can even collapse so that it can be taken with you on a hike or a long car trip. The adjustable airflow dial on the top of the AEGIS Boost makes it easy to get a wide open air session with a flavor of your choice!

Another great feature of the AEGIS Boost is the large number of coils that can be added to the system. There are nine different coils that can be added to the system, and each of them offers a different feel and unique flavor of smoke. The coils on the AEGIS Boost are readily available and built by Puckett & Bailey. Because this unit features a wide variety of coils, it is important that the coils are replaced regularly in order to keep the AEGis Boost operating at peak performance. It is recommended that a coil replacement be done monthly in order to achieve the highest build quality for this machine.

Finally, one of the most popular reasons why consumers choose the AEGIS Boost is due to its portability. The AEGIS Boost is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse, and it is very easy to carry around without the weight of a larger tank. This makes it perfect for people who love to travel with their favorite devices, and who want the portability that goes along with the freedom to move with them. For these consumers, AEGIS vaporizers charging pods are a must have in their arsenal of vaporizers.

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